NORTH Wrestling NCL 1 – Brace Yourself Review

Show Date: 30/7/16

NORTH Wrestling is a brand-new company that is running in Newcastle, and they have put all of their first show up for free on YouTube. The first show has a fun mix of lower level BritWres guys and people just on the verge of breaking out into the big time.

Damian Dunne vs. Liam Slater

Dunne was out doing his anti-fun gimmick before the match, which led to Slater goofing around during the match proper. Once they got past that, these two had a fun back and forth with a strong heel/face dynamic. This was perfect as a opener as it was a good, simple match that got the crowd up. Slater pins Dunne ** ¾

After the match two big lads, which the onscreen graphic helpfully names as the Sons of Ulaid come out and beat down Slater. Dom Black, who looks like he has stolen Roy Johnson’s gimmick complete with light up sunglasses, comes out to save Slater and we get a match.

Bas Ban (w/Rory Coyle) vs. Dom Black (w/Liam Slater)

Both of these men are clearly very green, but they had a fine big man/little man match. Eventually the heels starting beating on Black and Slater, with some of the most uninteresting work I’ve ever seen. Total 80’s WWF stuff, with nerve holds and hand cranks. The Sons of Ulaid seem like a throwback team, but as someone with no nostalgia for that era they do nothing for me. No Contest NR

Jack Gallagher vs. El Ligero

This match started off with some silly grappling, and then Gallagher got pissed off and almost ripped Ligero’s leg out with a vicious hooking submission. The match didn’t last much longer after that, but we got a fast paced finishing stretch coming off of that sequence. Gallagher pins Ligero ***

Martin Kirby vs. Pete Dunne

There is a style of match that Dunne has become a master at, and that’s grinding down a high flyer. He has a Terry Rudge or Fit Finlay feel to him where he just digs elbows into you and is so meticulous in his beat down that you feel so sorry for the face. Kirby was excellent in accentuating that sympathy, and perfectly placed all of his comebacks and countering the Drop Dead in so many different ways until it was just too late. Dunne pins Kirby with the Drop Dead *** ¼

The Fuckers (Tyler Bate and Chris Brookes) vs. The New Nation (Alex Henry and Jason Prime)

As of writing, I have seen a lot of Prime and really enjoy the intensity he brings to matches while this is the first time I am seeing any of his partner. Henry was being worked over by The Fuckers for much of this match, as a sidebar it seems weird to see Tyler work as a goofy heel, but Alex seemed to fit in perfectly fine. I don’t know if Tyler and Brookes team together that regularly, but they worked super well as a team and I’d love to see them team more often. The match itself was a pretty paint by numbers tag match, but the tag fluidity of Brookes and Bate coupled with the intensity of Prime pushed it beyond that. Prime pins Bate *** ½

HT Drake vs. Liam Thomson

Thompson cuts a pretty lame heel promo before the match. Drake counters with a lame babyface promo. I am so hyped for this main event (!) I am going to be honest, I think both of these guys are the drizzling shits. They did some brawling around the ring and behind the bar, which was pretty cool, but the entire venue is so poorly lit that you could barely make out what was happening. They get back into the ring and Drake starts flying all over the place to add some interest to this match. Regardless of how I feel about these guys, there is no denying they put in a fair amount of effort, with the final few minutes being pretty entertaining. I still think they’re the drizzling shits though. HT Drake pins Liam Thomson ***

Overall: 4.5

This was a perfectly fine local show, with one or two pretty good matches on the card. The only real issue I had was that the filming was pretty poor at times and the lighting was absolutely horrible. If they can fix those two things, NORTH could be on their way to being a fun little company.



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