Ring of Honor TV 27/2/16 Review

Air Date: 27/2/16

This is the first episode of TV after the 14th Anniversary show, but was taped before it and so is more of an evergreen show which is silly.

Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser vs. The Boys (Silas Young Career on the Line)

Dalton Castle attacked Silas and Bruiser from behind before the match could start in a really hot angle. Before the match, Silas cut a promo on The Boys and put his career on the line in this match. This was a solid tag match, it’s a shame The Boys don’t get to work more because they are a pretty good little team and I enjoyed them flying all over the place here. Silas Young pins A Boy ***

Dalton again comes out to beat on Silas and Bruiser, but gets outnumbered and taken out.

Brian Fury vs. Action Ortiz (2016 Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Final)

Brian Fury did a very good job at making Ortiz look like a monster here, and Action’s offence was a lot better looking than his previous showing. Fun little match with Fury winning due to his veteran tricks and sneaking in a low blow. Fury pins Ortiz ** ¾

Fury cuts a short little promo on Martinez and Rush after the match.

Punisher Martinez vs. Lio Rush (2016 Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Final)

The early portions of this match told the simple story of size difference between Rush and Martinez and did so perfectly. Lio was flying all over the place trying to take down Martinez and nothing worked, after which Martinez just beat the absolute piss out of Rush in majestic fashion. The finish came with Rush managing to hit one big move and finish of the Punisher in a very cool little match. Rush pins Martinez with a Spanish Fly *** ¼

Lio cuts a very good, passionate promo on Brian Fury after the match.

Adam Cole vs. Matt Sydal

This was a totally fine, totally forgettable TV main event. Cole was super reliant on schtick and character work as usual, and the most interesting spot was Sydal taking a nasty spill to the outside. I just watched this match and I’ve already forgotten half of it. Yawn. Sydal pins Cole with a Shooting Star Press ** ½

Overall: 5.0

Another middle of the road show. We got a fun opener and a solid little match between Rush and Martinez, but the rest was just kind of there. Luckily these shows are short and always a fairly easy watch all things considered.


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