RevPro Angle vs. Sabre Jr Review

Show Date: 12/6/16

This is the second York Hall show of the year for RevPro, and an extra one this year as they had the chance to book an absolute dream match in the titular Angle vs. Sabre Jr. Besides the main event, the entire show looks completely stacked and has the potential to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Noam Dar vs. Marty Scurll

This match was set up at a Cockpit show recently, as Marty was pissed about not being included in the Cruiserweight Classic qualifier that Noam won. This was a very long match without much going for it honestly, there was a running thread of each man working over the other’s limbs in an effort to improve their submissions. However, that story wasn’t told very well and the limb work pedestrian. The rest just felt like wrestling for the sake of wrestling, not the best opener. Scurll submits Dar with the Crossface Chickenwing ** ¾

Martin Stone vs. Pete Dunne

Stone is of course NXT’s Danny Burch, who has apparently been killing it in the Southern US indies right now and is making his return to York Hall, a venue he helped build. This was a solid match, but it was a little schtick heavy at times and the crowd wasn’t super into either man so the room was a little lifeless. Considering all of the hype Stone has had in recent months, this was a bit of a let down to be honest. Dunne pins Stone with Drop Dead ***

Big Damo vs. Big Daddy Walter

On paper, this looked like it would be a really great big man match. What we got instead was a pretty boring, plodding match with one or two glimpses of greatness. It was especially hurt by a finish that not only came out of nowhere but in a totally uninteresting submission. Bleh. Damo submits Walter ** ½

Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Will Ospreay

This is Ospreay’s first major appearance in the UK since winning Best of the Super Juniors and he got a hero’s welcome unlike anything I’ve seen in a long time. It was truly something special. This was an absolutely incredible back and forth match, with a phenomenal mix of insane strikes from Bailey and ridiculous flips from Ospreay. Very action packed and lots of intensity in the finish stretch, just a phenomenal performance from both men. Ospreay pins Bailey with an Oscutter **** ½

Ospreay gets on the mic after the match and talks about how RevPro helped him get to where he is now, and how he will stay in RevPro even though he is cutting down on his independent dates in 2017.

Josh Bodom vs. Chris Hero

There was a really interesting structure to this match. Hero, the guy that normally bullies his opponents, was outbullied by Bodom for much of the match. Hero got several chances to just beat the shit out of Josh with some of his insane strikes, at which point Bodom started to become desperate and willing to do anything he could do win which led to the low blow finish. A very well put together and fun match indeed. Bodom pins Hero *** ¾

After the match Bodom gets on the mic and calls out Tomohiro Ishii, because he has a death wish.

The Revolutionists (Sha Samuels and James Castle)(c) vs. Joel Redman and Charlie Garrett (RevPro British Tag Team Championship)

Sha and Castle have had a pretty bad run with the tag titles, and this was another mediocre match to cap off their never-ending title run. Redman and Garrett continue to be a fun team, but they couldn’t overcome the Revolutionists shenanigans that have plagued the division for a while now. Hopefully the new champs will bring some much needed freshness to the division. Garrett pins Samuels ** ¾

Kurt Angle vs. Zack Sabre Jr

This is a match that you would never think is possible, but somehow it has happened. Angle came out to a slight remix of his old WWE music to a ludicrous pop. The atmosphere for this match was insane, and I am going to be forever jealous that I couldn’t make it live, but this was a super short match built around Angle getting in all of his signature spots. It’s cool to see but nothing I will ever revisit, which is totally fine. The bigger issue is that the current heavyweight champion tapped out completely clean to a guy in his mid-40s that will never be back, and I am not entirely convinced that isn’t some of the dumbest booking of the entire year. Angle submits Sabre ***

Overall: 5.0

Other than Ospreay/Bailey and the spectacle of the main event, this was a total nothing show that is easily skipped. I think it was hurt a little because much of the crowd was only there to see Angle and weren’t familiar with the rest of the card, leading to a very weird atmosphere. Again, simply for the spectacle the main event is worth watching and the atmosphere for that was unlike anything I’ve seen from RevPro this year.


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