RevPro Live at the Cockpit 9 Review

Show Date: 5/6/16

This is the last Cockpit show before the big York Hall show headlined by Kurt Angle vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Kurtis Chapman vs. Dan Magee vs. Rob Lias

As is tradition, we start with some Contender action. These guys have become so damn good from when I first saw them, Lias and Chapman especially who almost feel like ready-made stars. They had an awesome little sprint which was the perfect way to start the show. Lias submits Magee ***

Pete Dunne is out next and he is pissed off about all the talk about Will Ospreay and Ricochet, you and me both man. Dunne also talks about how he is going to redefine cruiserweight wrestling, not Ospreay and Ricochet, before calling himself the Bruiserweight champion and leaving.

Sha Samuels (w/James Castle) vs. Noam Dar

After some shenanigans with a fan in the front row, these two guys came out and had an awesome little match. I don’t know if it’s because these guys are friends, or because Noam is heading to the Cruiserweight Classic, but something just completely clicked here and was probably one of the best Sha singles matches I’ve ever seen. Awesome stuff. Dar submits Samuels *** ½

The Hunter Brothers (Jim and Lee Hunter) vs. Charlie Garrett and Joel Redman

Just as this match is about to start, Gideon Grey comes out pulling a Kanye West VMA’s reference from like 5 years ago and makes himself the special guest referee only to get attacked by both teams and Roberts. This was a fun showcase match for Garrett and Redman ahead of their big title match at York Hall. Thanks to the size difference, Redman worked really well as a big man against the Hunters, while Jim and Lee flying around is always a joy to watch. The finishing stretch had a lot of intensity and awesomely chaotic, I am starting to really enjoy Redman and Garrett. Garrett pins Lee Hunter *** ¾

After the match there is some uneasiness between the Hunters and the victors, leading to the Hunters storming off.

Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Josh Bodom

Speedball has been having some very good underappreciated matches in RevPro this year, and this looked on track to be another one of those at times. Unfortunately, Bodom tried to go strike for strike with Bailey and couldn’t match up to Speedball at all. When Josh played to his strengths of being an asshole bully, this match was a lot more enjoyable and actually ended up being a solid showing. Bodom pins Bailey with the Bliss Buster *** ¼

Zack Sabre Jr is out for an interview next, talking about his gnarly arm injury which is keeping him out of action tonight but not for the match with Angle next week. He also talks about how he doesn’t approve of Marty cheating on his behalf, which brings out Scurll himself. Marty talks about how he will always have Zack’s back and Zack is interrupted by Damo before he can say anything more. Damo doesn’t believe that Zack didn’t know Marty was going to get involved and is pissed. This story continues to be incredibly interesting.

James Castle vs. Trent Seven

Trent and Castle absolutely beat the shit out of each other in this match. Trent is always a guy that will bring the fight, and after some work he forced Castle to do the same and that really made this match into something fun. These guys had an absolute war and I loved every second of it. Seven pins Castle ****

Marty Scurll vs. Big Damo

This was set up at the last Cockpit show when Marty cost Damo the Heavyweight title. These guys had a fine, competitive little match. Damo played the bully against Marty and did pretty well in that role as he normally does. Things felt a little too bloated at times and this match could have comfortably had a couple of minutes shaved off it easily, but it was still a solid showing from both men. Scurll submits Damo ***

Jinny Couture vs. Addy Starr

This is Jinny’s RevPro debut, in another match set up at the last Cockpit show. Like Starr’s match last month, this was perfectly fine but didn’t do much for me. Unlike the last match, however, Jinny’s strong character work elevated this a bit. Jinny pins Starr ** ¾

After the match Jinny slaps Zoe Lucas, who has been sat at ringside for the whole show so far, presumably setting up a match for the next show.

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Matt Cross (RevPro British Cruiserweight Championship)

Dunne has been having a really fun run since developing the Bruiserweight gimmick, and this was another awesome little sprint from him. This was less about Pete trying to grind down a highflyer as he is want to do, but was instead an awesome high intensity competitive match, although I never really got the impression that the finish was in any doubt which hurt it a little. Dunne pins Cross *** ½

Overall: 6.0

Very good show overall, nothing was out and out bad and I am very excited for the big York Hall show coming up next.


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