RevPro Sittingbourne Spectacular 2016 Review

Show Date: 17/4/16

This is the second show of RevPro’s weekender. The show opens with Will Ospreay announcing that he is going after the Cruiserweight title as shown on a recent episode of RevPro TV, and he sits front row for the opening match.

Pete Dunne vs. Matt Sydal

This was a fun example of Pete grinding down a flyer. Dunne tried to cheat, but Ospreay stopped him leading to the finish. Sydal pins Dunne with a Shooting Star Press ***

Sydal gets on the mic after the match and proposes a three way between himself, Will, and Pete for the title.

Dalton Castle vs. Big Damo

These two men had a solid back and forth, big man little man match. Damo is normally a little weak looking with his strikes and things, but I thought he did better than normal here. We got some shenanigans with Dalton’s fake boys at ringside, but Damo was able to overcome. Damo pins Castle ** ¾

ACH vs. Ricochet

There was a lot of schtick is this match, including redoing the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar double sit up from Summerslam which admittedly popped me. However between all of that we actually got a very good back and forth match, which wasn’t all that flip heavy. It was almost like a Diet PWG match without all of the bloat. Ricochet pins ACH ***

Legion of Lords (Gideon Grey and Rishi Ghosh) vs. Kurtis Chapman and Matt Nathan

Gideon cut a promo on the crowd before the match and really got them worked up. This was a surprisingly good tag match, the Contenders looked a lot better here than they did against each other not long ago. Rishi pins Nathan ** ½

James Castle vs. Donovan Dijak

This match was setup after Dijak had an awesome match with Castle’s Revolutionists partner Josh Bodom at the Cockpit. This was another awesome sprint in the same ilk as that match. Castle isn’t a small guy, but Dijak threw him around like he was a child. That brought out a lot of aggression from Castle and these two men proceeded to beat the crap out of each other. At one point Dijak cut himself open on a dive to the outside and the image of the blood flowing down his face was just incredible. Dijak pins Castle with a Moonsault *** ¾

Zack Sabre Jr (c) vs. Michael Elgin (RevPro British Heavyweight Championship)

This was a damn great match, with Elgin dishing out an absolute beating on Zack. The story of the match saw Big Mike trying to use his power to take down the champ, while Zack spent a lot of time working over Elgin’s arm leading to the submission finish. Elgin didn’t sell the arm with any noticeable success, but the action and violence he brought more than made up for that. A very strong title defence for Sabre here. Zack Sabre Jr submits Michael Elgin ****

Zack puts over Elgin on the mic after the match, only for Big Damo to come down and remind Zack that he has the next title shot and lays out Zack.

Overall: 5.5

While this is very clearly a B-show, the last two matches were great and well worth a watch. In fact, everything on this show was at least good and there’s not much more I can want from a show like this.


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