RevPro Live in Portsmouth 4 Review

Show Date: 2/6/16

RevPro are back in Portsmouth! These shows are basically C-shows for the company and because of that the cards are normally pretty damn WACKY~!

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Speedball Mike Bailey (RevPro British Cruiserweight Championship)

What a great opener this was. Dunne went for his old routine of trying to grind down a flippy dude, but Bailey was having none of it and just kicked the shit out of him. I loved most things about this match, from Bailey hitting a damn diving kick thing off the balcony to Dunne just murdering Bailey with a powerbomb. Unfortunately, it never felt like Pete’s title was in any real threat which killed some of the drama. Phenomenal way to start the show all the same. Dunne pins Speedball *** ¾

Legion of Lords (Gideon Grey and Rishi Ghosh) vs. Dan Magee and Kurtis Chapman

The Lords are back facing off against the Contenders, this time Chapman is teaming with the very impressive Magee. Sadly this was an incredibly boring match that just went on and on and next to nothing interesting happened. No cool spots, no interesting storytelling, just lame wrestling and shitty comedy from Gideon and Rishi. Yawn. Gideon Grey pins Chapman * ¾

Marty Scurll vs. Matt Cross

This is the kind of wacky match I was talking about earlier, and it worked really well. Marty is an awesome base and his signature spots always get over with me, while Cross is a great high flyer leading to some very fun sequences. It’s interesting that I enjoy Marty more in RevPro than PROGRESS even though his PROGRESS matches are ostensibly better, I think it’s because he plays to the crowd more in RevPro and works better as a pseudo-face. That said, he did win this match after interference from James Castle so he is still a heel now depending on where this Sabre angle ends up going. Marty submits Cross *** ½

Castle and Scurll beat down Cross, only for Bram of all people to make the save and cut a promo on Castle who he has a match with in the main event. That match gets made into a NoDQ match.

Rob Lias vs. Jonny Storm

Jonny is a little bit worse for wear, so there was a fair amount of schtick in this. Once things got going they became a lot of fun and Lias worked really well as a heel against the perennial favourite. Considering how long he’s been wrestling, Lias really looks like a future star coming out of this match which is exactly what you want. Storm pins Lias ***

Andy Boy Simmonz and Psycho Phillips vs. Joe Royal and Prince Jato

I know next to nothing about any of the men in this match, although I’ve at least heard of the heels. Simmonz has been around forever and sucks as both a wrestler and a commentator, while Phillips is a lower level dude with an incredibly over the top gimmick. Meanwhile, Royal looks like your dad’s out of shape mate and Jato is a dude in what looks like a children’s Halloween mask. As you can imagine, this wasn’t a good match. Jato pins Phillips **

James Castle vs. Bram (NoDQ)

This was a totally fine brawl. I am not really a fan of these guys, but you could tell they were working hard which I can respect. The crowd popped big for the finish so I guess whatever these guys did worked, even if I didn’t really enjoy it much. Bram pins Castle ** ¼

Overall: 5.0

Fine little show, totally skippable but the opener and the Scurll match are worth tracking down if you have time.



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