RevPro Live at the Cockpit 8 Review

Show Date: 1/5/16

Another cockpit show, with a big time main event of Zack Sabre Jr defending his title against Big Damo.

Dan Magee vs. Rob Lias

Some more Contender action to start the show, and these two guys had a really awesome sprint. I don’t know off hand if I’ve seen Magee or Lias before, but they seem so much better than Nathan and Chapman right now and I’d love to see more from these guys. Lias submits Magee ***

Marty Scurll vs. Trent Seven

This is Trent’s RevPro debut, and this was an awesome way to debut. These two men had an awesome, stiff match with a lot of bombs being thrown back and forth. I really hope Trent ends up working more for RevPro since I think he could bring something different to the roster. Marty submits Seven *** ¾

Rhia O’Reilly vs. Addy Starr

This is billed as a Pro Wrestling EVE showcase match, it’s a shame they don’t release shows more regularly because their cards always look cool. Rhia is the EVE champion and came out here wearing her belt. These two women had a solid back and forth, with some sloppiness in places from Rhia unfortunately. O’Reilly was in control for much of the match, but Starr had a few entertaining comebacks as well. O’Reilly pins Starr ** ¾

After the match Jinny, here given the last name Couture, comes out to confront Addy Starr. The two women brawl, with Jinny standing tall. I hope this leads to more of Jinny in RevPro and isn’t just an angle primarily for Pro Wrestling EVE.

Josh Bodom (w/James Castle and Sha Samuels) vs. Noam Dar (Global Cruiserweight Series British Qualifier)

Noam gets on the mic before the match and dedicates the match to Kris Travis in a touching moment. This was a fine match, with a very hot finish. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of either man and I don’t think there was every any doubt that Dar was going to win, so the match fell I little flat for me. Dar submits Bodom ** ¾

The Revolutionists beat down Dar after the match, prompting Marty Scurll to come out. He talks about not being a part of the Cruiserweight Series because he knows how good he is and doesn’t need a tournament to validate that. He then puts Dar in a Chickenwing, prompting Zack Sabre Jr to come out and drag Marty out. This is a very interesting angle, with Marty still ostensibly being a heel even though he is back friends with Sabre and the conflicts that obviously causes. It’s surprisingly complex, layered storytelling that I didn’t think could be pulled off properly but it worked here. Sadly, not enough people watch these Cockpit shows for that to translate over to the bigger shows well.

Sha Samuels vs. Eddie Dennis

A rare singles match from Eddie here. Sha is an awesome character, but not someone I enjoy watching in the ring. He and Eddie had a fine back and forth here however, with some actually good crowd brawling early on. Samuels pins Dennis with his feet on the ropes ***

Charlie Garrett and Joel Redman vs. British Young Bloods (Jake McClusky and The Bruce)

Redman and Garrett have been teaming semi-regularly now and are basically the only good team among a ton of garbage. Gideon Grey was sat at ringside for this match. After a bit of formulaic work this descended into some fun madness, McClusky and Bruce are normally pretty bland but they held their own well here. Redman pins McClusky *** ¼

Zack Sabre Jr (c) vs. Big Damo (RevPro British Heavyweight Championship)

This was a very good match that told a simple, effective story; Damo used his size and strength to overpower Sabre, while Zack tried to outwrestle Damo. It also effectively continued the story between Marty and Zack, as Scurll came out at one point and stopped Damo from hitting his Coast to Coast without Zack realising and basically saving the title. Sabre submits Damo *** ¾

Overall: 6.0

Another strong cockpit show, with two very good match and some nice storytelling between Sabre and Scurll. Pretty effective show all things considered.


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