Fight Club: Pro – Infinity 2016 Review

Show Date: 25/11/16

This is the last FCP show of the year and the annual Infinity tournament, which features two four way matches and a final with the winner getting a title shot.

Trent Seven vs. Mikey Whiplash vs. Joe Coffey vs. Omari (Infinity Tournament Semi-Final, Elimination)

This is the first of the Infinity four ways, and it takes place under tag rules which is really weird. Omari was eliminated first, but had a great showing for how young and green he still is. Coffey was eliminated quickly next, after some awesome striking exchanges between the last three men. Trent and Whiplash have a fun back and forth to finish the match out. This was one hell of an opener, even if the tag format early on felt really weird. Trent pins Whiplash *** ½

Travis Banks vs. Chris Brookes vs. Tyler Bate vs. Jimmy Havoc (Infinity Tournament Sem-Final, Elimination)

Straight into the next four way, and Travis Banks destroys the other three men in a great sequence to start things off. Weirdly, the tag rules weren’t used in this match at all. The lead up to the first elimination was a fun, spotty, chaotic affair with Tyler and Travis being the stars. After being eliminated, Brookes attacks Jimmy which leads to some cool brawling around the ring, leaving Travis and Tyler together in a nice callback to their 2 out of 3 falls match from earlier this year. The two men have a phenomenal back and forth with Travis getting the win in an incredible moment that has been built up perfectly the last few months. Travis Banks pins Tyler Bate **** ¼

Dan Moloney vs. Sean Kustom

On paper this looks like a squash match, but Kustom got a fair bit of offence and it felt more like a back and forth match. He was helped by just how much heat Moloney has and how good of a heel he is, but he looked pretty good and is someone I’d like to see more of. Moloney pins Kustom with a Sitout Powerbomb ***

Nixon Newell and Kay Lee Ray vs. Lee Hunter and Drew Parker

Drew is taking the place of Jim Hunter, who is out injured, and is dressed in full Hunter gear. This leads to some comedy before the match starts proper. After that we actually got a really exciting back and forth tag match, with some comedy here and there. As of writing I haven’t seen a huge amount of Drew Parker, but he really impressed me in this match and I really want to see more of him.  Kay Lee Ray pins Drew Parker *** ¾

Trent Seven vs. Travis Banks (Infinity Tournament Final)

Trent worked as a slight heel here, mostly because of how damn over Travis has become in front of this crowd. This match was all about Travis taking everything Trent could throw at him, including a middle rope piledriver, and refusing to stay down with some incredible comebacks. The month long story of Travis constantly losing added so much emotion to this match and made the moment where he finally hits his finisher and gets a definitive pinfall win, over the patriarch of the company no less, so incredible. This might be my Match of the Year when all is said and done. Banks pins Seven **** ¾

Overall: 7.5

What an incredible year it has been for Fight Club Pro, going from an unknown little indie to producing some of the best matches in the country and this show was a great way to end their year.


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