Fight Club: Pro – Breaking into Heaven Review

Show Date: 23/10/16

This is the final show of Fight Club’s weekender, and their Manchester debut. I am not a huge fan of the venue they’re using as it looks a little too big and thus sparse, but I am sure it’ll grow on me.

Chris Brookes vs. Fire Ant

Pretty good opening match, even if there was some goofiness that I could always do without. Fire Ant had a slow start this weekend, but his last two matches were killer while Brookes is always a pleasure to watch. He’s a right dickhead though. Brookes submits Fire Ant ***

Nixon Newell vs. Kimber Lee

Nixon had a very strong match yesterday and is having a solid weekend, as is Kimber. Since this was a face vs face match it was a little goofy at times, which Nixon is very good at, but these two had a really great back and forth match with some awesome striking exchanges. Kimber Lee was having a good but not great weekend before this match but this match really impressed me and was probably her best of the weekend. Nixon pins Kimber with the Welsh Destroyer ****

Dan Moloney vs. Ethan Silver vs. TK Cooper vs. Drew Parker

This was a fun, chaotic four way spotfest. Ethan and Drew looked a little sloppy at times, which is common in these kind of matches, but never actively hurt the match. Lots of really interesting, innovative spots and it’s cool to see some newer faces in the company. Moloney pins TK *** ¼

Travis Banks vs. Shane Strickland

Strickland has had a weird weekend so far, with one very good match and one total squash. Banks, on the other hand, continues to be incredible. I have a hard time calling this a sprint since it went a little long, but that might be the best way to describe this match. We got lots of action and it was all go go go, with some brutal looking spots. The story of Travis Banks being incredible and losing all the time continues. Strickland pins Banks with the JML Driver **** ¼

Trent Seven vs. Mikey Whiplash

I am not the biggest fan of Whiplash, especially after his abysmal Progress run earlier this year, but he and Trent had a pretty good back and forth here. I think Whiplash’s strikes looked pretty weak at times, and it was really lacking in the emotion of some of the other matches on this show which is obviously reflected in the rating. Whiplash pins Trent with a Gotch Style Piledriver *** ½

Hunter Brothers (Jim and Lee Hunter) vs. Orange Cassidy and Ashley Clementine

I don’t think I am talking out of school when I say that Cassidy and Clementine are people that have already worked this show. Because of that and their gimmick, this was a total comedy match. It was fine for what it was, but even as a comedy match it’s totally skippable. Hunters win via double pinfall ** ½

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Clint Margera (FCP Championship, Falls Count Anywhere)

Before the match can start proper, Pete gets on the mic and beats on Clint while calling him a waste of space. Clint gets the upper hand and declares this falls count anywhere. This was a plodding walk and brawl, a style of match that I really dislike. The plodding nature of this match was exasperated by the sheer length of it at almost 20 minutes. Pete was dominate for most of the match, to the point where it never felt like he could actually lose which is not what you want from a title match.

Things got a little overbooked towards the end with Chris Brookes running out and taking out Shay, only for Joel to come out and take out Brookes. This was already a match that I wasn’t really into and the finish really left me flat. Dunne submits Margera ** ¾

Brookes and Dunne attack Clint after the match, at which point Trent Seven comes out and gets taken out himself. Jimmy Havoc finally comes out, takes out Brookes and runs off Pete presumably setting up the next title match.

Overall: 6.5

Besides the last two matches this was another awesome show from Fight Club Pro and a good way to cap off the weekend.


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