PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night 2 Review

Show Date: 5/3/16

This is the second day of All Star Weekend and features a highly anticipated main event for the PWG title.

Chuck Taylor vs. Marty Scurll

This seems like a very weird match up on paper, but it kind of worked. There wasn’t any of the goofiness that you might expect from these two, it was worked as a total Marty match and had some good back and forth. I am sure I’ve written this before, but it’s really interesting that Chuck is on this winning streak and I am honestly not quite sure where it will lead. Chuck Taylor pins Marty Scurll with the Awful Waffle *** ½

Evil Uno vs. Mark Andrews

Uno acted as the big bully against plucky underdog Mark Andrews, which is the perfect type of match for Mark to maximise his selling in. Uno was very good last night as the big bruiser against someone of equal size, but he wasn’t as good against the smaller Andrews. He got a little goofy once or twice and his offence didn’t seem to have the same strength behind it. Andrews pins Uno with the Shooting Star Press *** ¼

Drew Galloway vs. Trevor Lee

Galloway is at his best when against a smaller guy that he can throw around, and Trevor got thrown the fuck around here. Unfortunately that wasn’t all of the match, as these two had a fairly pedestrian back and forth in the middle section. The final few minutes was a lot more interesting and exciting, but that couldn’t really save the mediocre middle. I like the little story currently running of Trevor winning a lot of matches with the small package, getting small shit like that over is really cool. Lee pins Galloway ** ¾

Death by Elbow (Chris Hero and JT Dunn) vs. Ricochet and Matt Sydal

This is JT Dunn’s PWG debut and is probably the perfect match for him to debut in. As you could expect from these four men, this was a very good action packed match. Hero, Sydal, and Ricochet have worked together a million times so that shouldn’t be too surprising, however Dunn fit in seamlessly and came out of this match looking like an absolute superstar. My absolute favourite moment in this match was Sydal pushing Ricochet out of the way of a death by elbow and taking the blow himself, something like that pushes this from a really good spotfest into a great match. Ricochet pins JT Dunn ****

Adam Cole vs. Trent Baretta

Since coming back from injury, Cole has been kind of boring and pedestrian in the ring. Seemingly relying on schtick and, admittedly fairly entertaining, character work. Meanwhile, Trent has never struck me as a great singles worker, so this match does next to nothing for me on paper. They had a perfectly fine match, but not once did I feel like it was anything other than fine. Trent pins Cole with a roll up ** ½

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)(c) vs. ReDragon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) (PWG Tag Team Championship)

These two teams have had a series of great matches and bring the next chapter to Reseda. In a nice contrast to the previous tag match, much of this match was worked with a more traditional tag structure before descending into insanity. This was a very good match, and while it was long I never got the sense that it was bloated which is a real accomplishment. I especially enjoyed some of the learnt phycology, with each team reversing the others signature spots because they’ve worked together so often they know all of their tricks. A defiant babyface being put down is another trope that I really enjoy and we got that at the end of this. Hell of a match. Matt Jackson pins Bobby Fish with More Bang For Your Buck **** ¼

Roderick Strong (c) vs. Zack Sabre Jr (PWG World Championship)

I love Zack but someone needs to reel him in sometimes, because this match felt so damn long and went over half an hour. I enjoyed all of his work on Roddy’s arm leading into the finish, as well as the fact that it felt like he really took Roddy to the limit, but that same story could have been told in a lot less time. Someone needs to explain to these guys that a longer match isn’t explicitly better and that there’s nothing wrong with a tight 15 minute match.

It’s a real shame because there was a very good match in here, Zack getting mean and bitter was a joy to watch and Roddy more than held his own. Unfortunately I think they lost the crowd at certain points, who were clearly exhausted from these last two days and weren’t completely sold on a match of epic length, although they popped HUGE for the finish, which was a long time coming, so what do I know? Sabre submits Strong to win the title *** ¾

Marty, Mark, and Drew come out to celebrate with Zack in a very touching moment.

Overall: 6.5

This was a real rocky show. Things started off well, and both tag matches were very good, but it was hurt by two mediocre matches and a pretty underwhelming main event. I haven’t been a big fan of PWG this year but shows like this are fun.


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