PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 31: All Hail the New Puritans Review

Show Date: 19/6/16

This is the first show after Super Strong Style and features a great main event in Chris Hero vs. Marty Scurll, which has the potential to be amazing.

Big Damo and Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown and Mikey Whiplash (Atlast Tournament B-Block)

Whiplash is here replacing Michael Dante, who is out with an injury. This was a fun opening tag match, with lots of fast paced action. The story coming out of it is Whiplash walking out on his partner, which is dumb booking in my opinion. Damo pins Rampage *** ¼

Damon Moser vs. Zack Gibson (w/Nathan Cruz)

Before this match, Moser gets on the mic and asks Smallman if he can have Cruz after he beats Gibson which Jim agrees to. Gibson and Cruz cut promos on Moser once they come down. I have never been the biggest fan of Moser, but he and Gibson had a nice little match here aided by Cruz’s shenanigans at ringside. Moser pins Gibson with a roll up ***

After the match Cruz and Gibson brutally attack Moser.

Dahlia Black vs. Pollyanna

These two had a pretty nice back and forth, with some fiery comebacks by Pollyanna. Jinny comes down during the middle of the match, only to be told by Jim that if she interferes she will be fired. That obviously hurt the flow of this match, but these two women worked really hard to the point where you could hardly notice. Pollyanna pins Dahlia Black *** ½

London Riots (James Davies and Rob Lynch)(c) vs. Dazzler Team (Darrell Allen and Earl Black Jr)(PROGRESS Tag Team Championship)

Dazzler team is a weird choice for Riots’ first title defence, although there aren’t a lot of major tag teams in the company right now. These teams had a solid match, I didn’t like how the Dazzler’s were treated as jokes early on but luckily that didn’t last very long. At times it felt like these guys were just wrestling with no real story or impact, but the match as a whole worked well for what it was. Rob Lynch pins Darrell Allen with a spear *** ½

FSU (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis) vs. The Dunne Brothers (Pete and Damian Dunne)

This was an awesome, fast paced opener and the perfect way to come back from intermission. Andrews and Dunne are starting to become pretty big stars in this country, but I am a little upset Dennis and Damian aren’t as well because they are great and were integral parts of this great match. Andrews pins Damian with the Next Stop Driver ****

After the match tension is teased between Pete and Damian.

Mikey Whiplash vs. Pastor William Eaver

This is billed as Heaven vs. Hell. PROGRESS are very good at recording their walk and brawls, making them actually kind of fun to watch unlike a lot of other companies. These two had a pretty good sprint of a match, even if I don’t like either of these guys as wrestlers. Whiplash pins Pastor ***

Marty Scurll (c) vs. Chris Hero (PROGRESS World Championship)

This is billed as Hero vs. Villain and has a real big fight feel to it. These two men had an absolute war, as is no surprise when you put Chris Hero in a big time singles match. It seems almost trite to say but Chris Hero is so far ahead of everyone else in the ring right now, and that’s no slight on Marty who is having a great year himself but Hero is having a legendary run right now.

This started off with Marty working over Hero’s arm to set up for the chicken wing. However, when that didn’t work he tried to go shot for shot with Hero and that’s when the insanity really started. Hero was showed an insane amount of fire, including one of the most incredible one count kick outs I’ve ever seen in my life. This was a truly special match and one that Marty needed after having a pretty mediocre, in my opinion, series of matches with Tommy End. Scurll submits Hero *****

Overall: 7.0

This was one of the best PROGRESS shows I’ve seen in a little while, everything on the undercard delivered and the main event was an all time classic.


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