WWE Superstars 27/5/16 Review

Air Date: 27/5/16

Summer Rae vs. Natalya

This was a quick, basic match. These two had another singles match on Superstars a few months ago that was more entertaining. This was more submission heavy, and while it wasn’t anything great Summer’s long limbs and flexibility meant she did have a lot of interesting looking submissions. Natalya submits Summer with the Sharpshooter * ¾

We get the opening segment of RAW next.

Viktor vs. Zack Ryder

With Konnor out on a wellness suspension I imagine we’ll get several Viktor singles matches on this show, and what better opponent to start that run with than the C-show ace Zack Ryder. And while this was better than most Ascension tag matches it wasn’t all that great, with most of the match built around Viktor avoiding the Broski Boot until Zack finally hits it and wins. Ryder pins Viktor with the Elbro Drop ** ¾

The show ends with some network commercials.

Overall: 4.5


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