WWE Superstars 13/5/16 Review

Air Date: 13/5/16

Cesaro vs. Bo Dallas (w/Curtis Axel)

Cesaro makes his 2016 Superstars debut in this short little match. This went three or four minutes and was basically a glorified squash, with Cesaro getting in all of his signature spots. Some cool moments like Cesaro hitting Bo and Curtis with an uppercut during their victory lap, but as an overall match this was nothing special. Cesaro submits Bo with the Sharpshooter ** ½

We get the Ambrose/Jericho segments from RAW.

Stardust vs. Apollo Crews

There were a couple of sparks of brilliance in this match, such as Crews dropping his goofy smiling schtick and just punching Stardust in the face, but it was really nothing overall. The story of the match was Stardust working over Crews’ arm, but nothing about the work was interesting to me. Another dud to add to Apollo’s huge list of disappointment. Crews pins Stardust ** ¼

The show ends with the main event from RAW.

Overall: 4.5


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