Fight Club: Pro – Pulp Fixxon Night 2 Review

Show Date: 22/10/16

This is the second show of FCP’s three show weekend, and a follow up from a very good show last night.

Dan Moloney vs. Shane Strickland

Like yesterday’s match, the first five minutes or so are spent making fun of Dan’s shitty boots. Strickland actually played into it a lot better than Fire Ant did yesterday, who just seemed annoyed. I guess they don’t chant in CHIKARA-land. Moloney wrestled what was effectively a squash match yesterday, while Strickland had a more competitive match. This was a very good competitive match with lots of stiff offence from both men, I especially enjoyed the normally more laid back Strickland getting pissed off and firing up. Perfect opener. Moloney pins Strickland with a spinning powerbomb *** ¾

Kay Lee Ray vs. Nixon Newell

These two were part of the triple threat match yesterday also featuring Kimber Lee. These two had a nice little back and forth until Kay Lee brings out Kimber and Nixon brings out Strickland who have a dance off. We got some more shenanigans after that which is a little bit frustrating as what followed was ostensibly a great, hard hitting match with completely believable near falls. Unfortunately the goofiness hurt my enjoyment of it a little bit. Newell pins Ray with a Canadian Destroyer ****

Nixon heads straight to the bar after the match as her and Kay Lee share a beer in the ring.

Travis Banks vs. Fire Ant

Fire Ant had a pretty mediocre performance yesterday, while Travis could have a great match with anyone in FCP at this point so this is an interesting match on paper. As it turns out this was another incredible match by Travis, whose story of constantly losing continued here. This was perhaps his best performance in selling that story, you could really feel his desperation and the crowd is so behind him and willing him on to get that big victory. These matches in Fight Club Pro have shown Travis Banks to be one of the best wrestlers currently in the country, if not the world. Fire Ant pins Travis Banks with a Small Package **** ¼

Chris Brookes vs. Kimber Lee

These two worked super hard and had a competitive back and forth match. However, for some reason it just didn’t really click with me on the level that it probably could or should have and I have no idea what to put that down to. It’s a weird phenomenon that just tends to happen sometimes. Brookes submits Lee *** ½

Mikey Whiplash vs. Clint Margera

After some mediocre crowd brawling, as is normal for these two, we got a pretty solid hardcore brawl. This wasn’t on the level of the Clint/Brookes matches but was fun for what it was, if a little plodding at times. Margera is a guy that should really be being booked in more places. Clint pins Whiplash ***

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Trent Seven (FCP Championship)

This was exactly the kind of crazy hard hitting, intense, strong style match you would expect from these two men. Dunne’s title run has been pretty exceptional so far, with every one of his defences being great matches with a ton of heat. It’s been said a million times, but he really is exceptional for his age and has become an elite level wrestler in the last year. These two men took an already hot crowd and whipped them into a frenzy by the end. Dunne submits Trent to retain **** ½

Overall: 7.0

Fight Club Pro shows are always great, and this was no exception. Personally I enjoyed this show better than night 1 because the highs of this exceeded the highs of the previous night and everything here delivered big time, but both were great shows as usual.


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