Fight Club: Pro – Pulp Fixxon Night 1 Review

Show Date: 21/10/16

This is the first of a three show weekend for FCP who have been on a real roll larely.

Shane Strickland vs. Chris Brookes

These two had a very fun opener, it’s nice to see Brookes interact with someone other than Clint even if I have loved that feud. Brookes was his usual dick-ish self and played off of Strickland pretty well, who played the peppy babyface. Just good clean wrestling from these two men. Brookes submit Strickland *** ½

Kimber Lee vs. Kay Lee Ray vs. Nixon Newell

Nixon starts this match saying that she wasn’t expecting to wrestle two people and hasn’t done that before. This started off a little bit goofy, but then developed into a great, if somewhat spotty, sprint with all three women always involved which is no mean feat. Hell of a performance by all three women, but Nixon seemed like the biggest star in the match to me. Kimber Lee pins Kay Lee Ray *** ¾

All three women embrace after the match in a nice moment.

Fire Ant vs. Dan Moloney

It’s nice to see Fire Ant away from CHIKARA, I always hate that those guys are seemingly stuck in their own universe. Moloney’s heel work and crowd interaction continues to be impeccable, and the crowd loves going after him and his shitty little boots which is just a joy to watch. The match itself was basically an extended squash with Moloney just murdering Fire Ant, unfortunately it went a little bit too long and even the crowd seemed to get a little bored in the middle of it. Moloney pins Fire Ant with a Spinning Powerbomb ***

Travis Banks vs. Joe Coffey

This was exactly the kind of intense, hard-hitting, slugfest that you would expect from these two and another great match to add to Travis’ ever increasing portfolio of great matches. Coffey delivered in spades for his part, as he normally does, but this was the Travis Banks show as he looked great in defeat again. Coffey pins Banks with the Black Coffey ****

Mikey Whiplash and Pete Dunne vs. Clint Margera and Trent Seven (NoDQ)

This started off with some immediate crowd brawling which didn’t really translate well to tape at all. Once things got back into the ring we got a pretty damn fun brawl between all four men, including Trent teasing a German to the outside on Whiplash and Clint standing defiant against Dunne and Mikey which I popped for. However, the best moment of the match was the finish where Trent pinned Whippy while Dunne looked on horrified at what might happen to him. The camera work was especially perfect in that moment. Trent pins Mikey with a Piledriver *** ¾

Overall: 6.5

Another great show from Fight Club Pro. This wasn’t quite as good as previous shows because of the overly long Dan Moloney match, but the show was still an awesome breezy watch.


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