Fight Club: Pro – Project Mayhem V Review

Air Date: 23/9/16

Pete Dunne comes out to start the show demanding a title match with Sami Callihan. He says he knows Sami isn’t here so will take Trent instead, but out comes Sami and we get the match.

Sami Callihan (c) vs. Pete Dunne (FCP Championship)

Sami just can’t stop himself from ruining the middle of his matches, this time with his dumb cat gimmick that literally no one other than he understands. Luckily, the rest of this match was a completely crazy, balls to the wall fight that it didn’t matter. This is probably a low end match of the year contender. Dunne submits Callihan **** ¼

Nixon Newell vs. Jessicka Havok

This is a rematch of their match from the last show and seemed to hit a lot of the same beats. Havok is the monster to Newell’s underdog, with the only real difference being that this time the monster wasn’t slayed. Perfectly fine, just like the previous match. Havok pins Newell ***

Hunter Brothers (Jim and Lee Hunter) vs. Facesmashers (Dan Moloney and Wild Boar)(Tornado Tables Match)

I love both of these teams, but this match was not good and a blame the gimmick. It’s always difficult to have a decent tables match, and this was just a plodding, boring mess. Things especially weren’t helped by the fact that the final table didn’t break after about three failed attempts. Hunter Brothers win ** ¾

After the match, Dan turns on Boar to break up the team.

Travis Banks vs. Tyler Bate (Best 2 Out of 3 Falls)

This starts out with a lot of friendly grappling until both Trav and Tyler get pissed off and just go at it. Tyler wins the first fall with a Fishermen Suplex and then Banks quickly wins the second. While the first two falls were pretty good, the final fall saw these two friends try to murder each other and it was truly magnificent to watch. I’ve noticed that Travis seems to be losing a lot, which is a shame since he is perhaps the best talent on the roster. Tyler Bate wins 2:1 **** ½

Trent Seven comes out next, saying that he was originally supposed to face Drew Galloway but he can’t be here today so he has someone else, and out comes Mark Haskins.

Trent Seven vs. Mark Haskins

This was a war of attrition between two great wrestlers. Haskins was such a cool surprise and he fits like a glove in the FCP universe, something I am not sure is true of all wrestlers. It was in this match that I noticed all of Trent’s little exclamations which really helped make this for me. Trent pins Haskins **** ¼

After the match, Trent gets on the mic and calls out Pete Dunne. Dunne comes out, only for Sami to come out and attack Trent alongside Pete. Sami gets on the mic and announces that he and Pete are now the Bruisercats. Apart from the dumb name, this doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense since Pete and Sami tried to kill each other earlier in the night.

Chris Brookes vs. Clint Margera (Fans Bring the Weapons)

This is the blow off to the really great, personal feud that these two have been having recently. Unfortunately, this had a lot of crowd brawling to start off which was probably cool live was not filmed properly and just didn’t translate to tape. Crowd brawling never does. Once they got back into the ring things improved, but it never really seemed to hit second or third gear. The finish was somewhat cathartic however.  Clint pins Brookes ***

Overall: 7.0

Another phenomenal show. I am not a huge fan of the Bruisercats angle, but the matches around it ruled and as a tag team they could be a lot of fun. FCP don’t seem to do strong angles so I don’t think this is going to be anything super annoying.


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