Fight Club: Pro – International Tekkers: The Beginning of the End Review

Show Date: 12/8/16

Last month’s show was incredible and made me fall in love with this promotion, so I have pretty high hopes for this show and am damn excited.

Tyler Bate vs. Jigsaw

Jigsaw has been working some of these smaller Euro shows recently, which is damn cool. This match was basically a comedy opener, which is fine, with the story of young Tyler completely outwrestling the CHIKARA veteran. Tyler Bate pins Jigsaw ** ¾

Chris Brookes vs. Clint Margera (I Quit, Chain)

These two men had a really fucking brutal death match on the last show and this was no different, you could really feel the animosity between these two men. There was a fair bit of crowd brawling which was difficult to see due to lighting, and things dragged a little at times, but the overall match was a lot of fun and the ending with Brookes threatening Clint’s significant other to force him to quit made this so personal. I can’t wait to see where this will go next. Brookes wins *** ¼

Nixon Newell vs. Jessicka Havok

This is the first ever women’s match in FCP history. I have not been a huge fan of Havok the last few years, I feel like she’s gotten lazy, but Nixon is always a fun watch and dragged something awesome out of her. Jessicka was the perfect monster against Nixon’s plucky underdog babyface act, and these women had a fantastic match. Nixon pins Jessicka with the Shining Wizard ***

War Machine (Hanson and Ray Rowe) vs. Facesmashers (Dan Moloney and Wild Boar)

War Machine have been so good in the last few months, to the point where I feel bad about ever thinking they sucked. This was exactly what you’d want from these four men, just a fucking fight. There were some portions of more traditional tag match work, but on the whole this was a tornado tag with War Machine just trying to kill Moloney and Boar. Incredible. Moloney rolls up Rowe ****

After the match War Machine put Wild Boar through the gimmick table to a huge applause.

Trent Seven vs. Tommy End

Without actually billing it as such, this is basically a number one contendership match. This was another god damn fight with Trent and Tommy throwing everything they had at each other. Trent was the star of this match for me with his intense, firey comebacks really taking this from a cool match to something special. Trent pins Tommy **** ¼

Sami Callihan (c) vs. Travis Banks (FCP Championship)

Oh Sami Callihan. These two men were fucking fired up at the start of this match and had a great, intense, action packed match and then Sami fucking Callihan started spitting all over the place and put on a damn nerve pinch. Things picked back up fairly quickly, although they lost a lot of momentum because Callihan slowed things down and they never really earned it back. Travis came out of this looking like a god damn star standing up to Sami and only losing because of a low blow from Sami. This was a great match that could have been exceptional. Sami Callihan pins Travis Banks *** ¾

Overall: 6.5

Another great show from Fight Club Pro, with a solid undercard and the top three matches blowing me away. God I love this company.

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