Lucha Underground 11/5/16 Review

Air Date: 11/5/16

This week’s show opens with Dario meeting with the Mayor in a bar, who tells him that the police are investigating him and probably have someone in the inside. He tells Dario that the temple is very important to his employer, and he will be coming to the temple soon.

Mr Cisco vs. Cortez Castro vs. Joey Ryan (Aztec Medallion)

The gimmick here is pitting the former trio against each other. Joey Ryan quickly wins the match with a roll up after hiding for most of the match, which lasted all of about a minute. Ryan pins Castro DUD

Catrina meets with Mil Muertes backstage, where we get some more of their backstory. Catrina saved Mil’s life years ago when he was just a boy. Catrina let Mil lose in Grave Consequences last year in order to power him up, but he needs to beat Matanza this time. The segment ends with King Cuerno sneaking away after the duo.

Prince Puma, Dragon Azteca Jr, and Rey Mysterio Jr (c) vs. Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Johnny Mundo (w/Taya)(LU Trios Championship)

This was a fairly slow start, with the obvious storing being told of Ivelisse and Son of Havoc not getting along with Mundo. We got some fun sequences, including some great back and forth between Rey and Havoc, but the match itself was nothing special. Puma pins Havoc to retain ** ¾

Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto)(c) vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)(Graver Consequences, LU Championship)

 This was such a great, intense, hate-filled brawl. It wasn’t quite on the level of Grave Consequences, but it for sure deserved to be talked about in the same breath. Mil Muertes almost working from underneath is really a sight to behold and there were too many incredible moments in the match to list here, including Mil Muertes breaking through one of the coffins. Matanza retains **** ¼

After the match, Muertes’ coffin is carried off.

We get a quick skit with the Mayor meeting with his boss, whose face we never see, to end the show.

Overall: 6.0

This entire episode was built around the main event, with nothing else really happening. Personally I love when shows do that, but they were lucky this time that the main event ruled.


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