Delete WCPW Review

Air Date: 30/11/16

This is another iPPV outing from WCPW, and another indie show based around the Broken Matt Hardy character. There’s some interesting things on this card, and Loaded leading up to this has been a ton of fun so I have high hopes.

Cody Rhodes (c) vs. El Ligero (c) (GFW NexGen and WCPW Internet Championship)

This is a title vs title match, with Cody putting up his recently won GFW title. This is easily the most publicity that title has had. I’ve harped on for a while about how Cody’s post-WWE run has been a let-down, and this was another example of that. These two had a good but not great match, with an exciting finishing stretch. Ligero’s title run has been pretty nothing, but it makes sense to put the title on Cody since he is seemingly working everywhere these days. Rhodes pins Ligero with the Cross Rhodes *** ¼

Pacitti Club (Swords of Essex (Paul Robinson and Scott Wainwright) and Bea Priestly) vs. Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) and Nixon Newell

This was a total nothing match, with the most interesting thing being Nixon wearing a moustache to team with Trent and Tyler. All six wrestlers worked hard, but the crowd didn’t care at all and the match never really clicked because of it. Bea pins Nixon with help from Paul and Scott ** ¼

Johnny Mundo vs. Gabriel Kidd (w/Prince Ameen)

This was supposed to be Mundo against Alberto El Patron, but his flight was cancelled so Kidd came out to challenge him instead. After some messing around early on, these two had a very good back and forth match. Kidd clearly worked hard knowing he had a huge opportunity, and Mundo gave him a lot more than you would expect. Great match and far better than the Alberto match would’ve been. Mundo pins Kidd with Starship Pain *** ½

Primate (w/James R Kennedy) vs. Rampage Brown (Lumberjack, Best of 7 Series Match 1)

Totally fine match built around the fact that all of the lumberjacks were heels and so didn’t attack Rampage. These two men could have some really great matches, but this one was hurt by the restrictive gimmick. Primate chokes out Rampage ** ¼

Primate refuses to release his submission on Rampage until Kennedy put the mask on him.

Bully Ray (w/Adam Pacitti) vs. Matt Hardy (NoDQ)

Matt Hardy was incredibly over on his way out, in what I believe is the UK debut for his Broken character. Hardy and Bully banter back and forth, while also taking shots at Pacitti and run him off. Bully then makes the match NoDQ because he can do that for some reason. These two had a total nothing match, with some tables and ladders to pop the crowd. The finish came after a low blow to Hardy from Pacitti after the referee was knocked over, which is a weird finish in a NoDQ match. Bully pins Hardy ** ½

After the match Adam gives Bully Ray a Pacitti Club shirt.

Johnny Moss and Liam Slater vs. The Coffeys (Mark and Joe Coffey) (Adam Pacitti Tag Team Tournament Final)

I’ve really grown to appreciate Moss and Slater as a team, and they had a great match against The Coffeys here. Moss and Joe had some awesome stiff exchanges, while Slater worked super hard with some cool matwork, exciting high flying, and getting the shit kicked out of him. It’s a shame that the crowd wasn’t super into this because it was a very good match. Slater pins Joe Coffey *** ¼

Will Ospreay vs. Martin Kirby (2 Out of 3 Falls)

The first fall came almost immediately with Will pinning Kirby with his feet on the ropes and then berates the crowd. The second fall was interesting as Ospreay did minimal highflying but instead focussed on strikes and brawling and even throwing in some submission work. He obviously wasn’t great at those things, but it’s nice to see him show that he’s trying to expand his repertoire a little. Kirby won the second fall with a backslide after a nice callback to their first match. The final fall saw more of the same from Ospreay and an all-time great babyface performance by Kirby who came out of this match looking like an elite level wrestler, even if he lost. Ospreay wins 2:1 ****

After the match, Adam Pacitti, Bully Ray, and the rest of the Swords make their way down to the ring with a table and attack Kirby. Matt Hardy comes out to make the save and hits Ospreay with a chair assisted Twist of Fate and then Kirby powerbombs Will through the table. This was a nice enough follow up segment, even if it had WCPW’s love of part timers stinking it up a little.

Cody Rhodes comes out to “kill time while they set up the cage,” his words not mine. He talks about who he wants to defend up the Internet title against and brings up Zack Sabre Jr. He then tells a story about the original Internet Champion, Zack Ryder, because that what you want before the main event of your iPPV.

Joseph Conners (c) vs. Joe Hendry vs. Drew Galloway (Cage, WCPW World Championship)

Hey guess what, this was another boring, plodding title match. Even with the cage stipulation and Galloway to help things out this was really nothing special and totally skippable. I am not the biggest fan of having Conners lose the title to Galloway with very little build, even if I do hate Conners, but at least Drew will have better title matches. I did like the story at the end of Hendry sacrificing his victory to protect Galloway only for Drew to get the win, but that couldn’t save this match. Galloway pins Conners ***

Overall: 6.5

This was an okay show, far too long but with one or two awesome matches to save it. I could’ve done without all of the Matt Hardy and Bully Ray stuff, but stuff like that is WCPW’s MO and is just something I’ve grown used to.



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