RevPro Live at the Cockpit 7 Review

Show Date: 6/3/16

Another RevPro Cockpit show, a couple matches from this were put into the last episode of RevPro TV but this is the last time that will be the case. This is a shorter show than usual, but as always there’s one or two interesting matches.

Rob Lias vs. Kurtis Chapman

A Contender’s match to start the show. I don’t mind these matches as it helps get these young guys time in front of a crowd, but I did not enjoy this at all. A couple of cool spots, but Chapman needs a lot more practice still. Lias submits Chapman **

Joel Redman vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is a super weird match on paper, Redman isn’t very high up on the list of people I would put Thatcher against. In fact, he’s barely on the list. The story of this match was simple enough, Thatcher took Redman to the mat, outwrestled him, eventually got pissed off that he couldn’t put him away, and then finally did. It was totally fine, but the wrong type of match for this crowd that didn’t give two shits. Thatcher submits Redman with an armbar ** ¾

Legion of Lords (Gideon Grey and Rishi Ghosh) vs. British Young Bloods (Jake McClusky and Bruce)

After a lot of stalling early on, these two teams worked a perfectly fine mid card match. The kind that you would find on an episode of RAW that lasts two segments and is good but completely forgettable. What I am saying is Jake McClusky is pre-New Day Kofi Kingston. Rishi pins Bruce ***

James Castle vs. Wild Boar

This was a weird match. I don’t have strong opinions on James Castle, but Boar is a really good intense brawler and this didn’t really play to his strengths. Castle was in control for much of the match, which felt like an extended squash at times, which meant that Boar was selling for most of the match which is not something I want to see from him. Pretty solid match regardless. Castle pins Boar *** ¼

Josh Bodom vs. ACH

This match felt like a metaphor for the entire show as a whole, solid but uninspired and somewhat lacking that oomphf. Bodom threw in some stiff shots, and the finish stretch was exciting, but I came away from this match a little let down. ACH pins Bodom with a 450 Splash *** ¼


This was a solid enough show overall, it was clearly focused around the tag division which is good as that division is pretty weak.


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