RevPro Epic Encounter 2016 Review

Show Date: 16/4/16

This is the first day of a RevPro weekender. The show was originally supposed to feature Michael Elgin taking on Will Ospreay, but he had to pull out and so Ricochet is working twice. This is also the first time the LDRS will team together in about a year.

Michael Elgin vs. Ricochet

You would think Ricochet might take it a little easy since he has a second match on this show, but he and Elgin went out and had an awesome back and forth match. Both men worked their roles well, with Elgin as the powerhouse and Ricochet the more agile high flyer. My one criticism is that the match went a little too long, but it was one hell of an opener regardless. Elgin pins Ricochet with an Elgin Bomb *** ¾

Josh Bodom vs. Donovan Dijak

These two men had an awesome match on the first episode of RevPro TV season 2. This started much like that previous match with both men brawling in the crowd before heading into the ring for the match. This wasn’t quite as good as that previous match, but both men worked hard and killed each other with some brutal spots. Bodom pins Dijak with a springboard Bliss Buster *** ¼

The Revolutionists (Sha Samuels and James Castle)(c) vs. Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch (RevPro British Tag Team Championships)

The best part of the Revolutionists is their theme music. I love Sha but I never want to see him wrestle a match again, and I have next to no opinion on James Castle other than how much I hate his dumb hair. Please get the titles off of these two dweebs soon. Revolutionists wins by DQ ** ¼

Big Damo vs. Roderick Strong

After a lot of stalling, these two had a fairly basic back and forth match. Nothing about this match really stood out to me or blew me away, but nothing was bad. Just an inoffensive match, which is a shame as both of these men can put together something special. Damo pins Strong ** ½

Damo gets on the mic after the match and says he wants a title match, claiming he is the best big man in the world. Out comes #BigMike, who puts over Damo but tells him he is the better big man. The two stare each other down, shake hands, and Damo leaves. A potential match between these two could be a lot of fun.

Pete Dunne (c) vs. ACH (RevPro British Cruiserweight Championship)

Another very good back and forth match on this show, Dunne has become so good at this Bruiserweight character and played a great bully against ACH. What really made this match for me was that Pete was able to mix his new bruiser style with some highflying and it worked very well. Dunne pins ACH with Drop Dead *** ¼

Gideon Grey (w/Rishi Ghosh) vs. Dalton Castle

Add Gideon Grey to the list of RevPro wrestlers I never want to see again. Unlike Sha, I don’t even like his character. This started off as a comedy match, and then just became a boring back and forth with the most interesting thing being trying to figure out which trainees were playing the Boys. What a waste of time this match was. Gideon Grey submits Dalton Castle * ¾

Matt Sydal and Ricochet vs. Leaders of the New School (Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr)

It’s great to see the LDRS together again, and the dynamic between heel Marty and face Zack is incredibly interesting. Zack telling off Marty every time he cheats like that one schoolteacher everyone likes but doesn’t fuck with because you heard a rumour he tied a student up in a knot once is especially fun, until eventually Marty does cheat without the knowledge of Zack. This wasn’t the incredible match you might expect on paper, but it was a damn fun watch with an awesome finishing stretch. Sabre submits Sydal *** ½

After the match Zack realises that Marty struck Sydal with an umbrella and storms off.

Overall: 6.0

It was very clear this was a B show, the phrase “good but not great” was repeated multiple times throughout this whole piece. That’s not a bad thing, but don’t go into this show expecting anything other than solid work.


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