WCPW Loaded Episode 16 Review

Air Date: 26/11/16

The show opens with James R Kennedy telling Prospect that he won’t be able to be at ringside for their tournament match tonight against Moss and Slater. After that we get highlights of the Ospreay turn from last week.

The show starts proper with The Swords of Essex coming down to the ring in Pacitti Club shirts with Adam. Ospreay takes the lead and cuts an awesome cocky heel promo on Martin Kirby and eventually brings out Bea Priestly. Kirby finally comes out and attacks all three of the Swords and teases going after Adam until Priestly hits him with a low blow and the heels take him out. Obviously the top heel group wearing knock off Bullet Club shirts is awful, but I am liking this group and Ospreay already looks more comfortable as a heel.

Prince Ameen is backstage talking about a new Bollywood production he has made, and we cut to a video package of Gabriel Kidd getting beaten up and losing. I really hope this angle goes somewhere interesting soon because it’s been going for a long time already with no progression at all.

Prospect (Alex Gracie and Lucas Archer) vs. Johnny Moss and Liam Slater (Adam Pacitti Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final)

Prospect really do nothing for me, while Moss and Slater are developing into a really fun tag team. I especially love Moss beating the crap out of some lads, which we got a fair amount of in this match. The match itself was nothing special and honestly I feel like it went way too long, although I am just happy Prospect aren’t in the final. Slater pins Gracie ** ¼

Joe Hendry cuts a promo outside next talking about his upcoming cage match against Joseph Conners. You don’t see serious Hendry that often, but he was pretty good here.

The Strong Style Collective (Pete Dunne and Travis Banks) vs. The Coffeys (Mark and Joe Coffey)(Adam Pacitti Tam Team Tournament Semi-Final)

On paper this is a great match, and in reality it was a very fun match that relied a little too heavily on formula at times. We got a lot of hard hitting action as one would expect. Pete and Travis are two phenomenal talents, and even though they lost here it’s nice that WCPW are starting to at least showcase them a little more now. Joe Coffey pins Pete Dunne *** ¼

After the match Pete and Travis attack the Coffeys until Moss and Slater come out to make the save and stare down their opponents in the finals.

James R Kennedy is backstage talking to Prospect about their loss while Drake starts to argue with the team. Kennedy then asks Drake to “take care” of Rampage with the help of Gracie and Archer.

Drake (w/James R Kennedy) vs. Rampage Brown

This was basically an extended squash with Rampage killing Drake, although Drake got a little more offence than I was expecting. Rampage pins Drake with a Piledriver **

Prospect try to attack Rampage and get destroyed. James R Kennedy gets on the mic and tells Rampage that the first of his Best of 7 Series will be at Delete WCPW.

Moustache Mountain meet with the Strong Style Collective backstage. Pete and Travis beat up the faces and walk off, this potential match could be amazing.

Gabriel Kidd vs. Joseph Conners

This match was set up by a pretty great promo from Kidd last week. This was your typical boring, nothing Conners title match. God I hope this man loses the title soon. Conners pins Kidd with the Righteous Kill DDT **

Conners gets on the mic after the match and taunts Kidd while beating on him, which causes Prince Ameen to come down and get attacked himself. This eventually leads to Hendry coming out to make the save but get hit with the title belt. Drew Galloway finally comes out to a huge pop and scares off Conners. Galloway gets on the mic and cuts a solid promo on his career, somewhat teasing retirement until eventually announcing that he has been added to the cage match at Delete WCPW. While adding Drew to the match will make the match more interesting, and the angle makes sense even if it is a little forced, I am not sure it’s the best idea because it means we won’t get the pay-off to the Conners/Hendry story which has been going for a while now.

Overall: 6.0

This wasn’t quite as good as the last weeks show, but we got a couple of decent matches and great opening and closing angles so I can’t complain too much.


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