RevPro Live at the Cockpit 6 Review

Show Date: 7/2/16

Most of this show was cut up to make up episodes of RevPro TV, but now that that is finished the entire show has been released. Since I have already seen those matches I am not going to review them here and only focus on the two I haven’t seen, but if you want my thoughts on the rest of the card look in the archives for the RevPro TV reviews.

Big Damo vs. Mark Haskins

These two men had a very good match at the last Cockpit show which ended with interference. This story was nicely built on with Pyscho Phillips again coming out to cause a distraction and seemingly reuniting with his former tag partner. This match played with the same story of Haskins wrestling from underneath against the monster Damo. Damo was back to his old weak strikes here, but Haskins put on a better babyface performance and the match was a little bit better than the first one because of it. Damo pins Haskins after a low blow *** ½

Gideon Grey vs. Colt Cabana

This was exactly the punch and kick Colt Cabana comedy match that you would expect. If you like Colt you’ll like this, if not this isn’t for you at all. I don’t mind Gideon as a character but he does nothing for me in the ring which did hurt my enjoyment a little bit, but not enough to make me actively dislike the match. Cabana pins Grey ***



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