RevPro Live at the Cockpit 5 Review

Show Date: 3/1/16

This is the first RevPro show of the year and features a mini tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight champion.

Kurtis Chapman vs. Matt Nathan

This is the first match in the brand new Contender’s Division, which is basically their rookie division. This is Nathan’s first professional match on top of that. These guys clearly need some more ring time, and to work on their bodies, but this was a pretty solid little match. Nathan worked as an underdog and did alright, while Chapman impressed me a little more with his offence. Chapman pins Nathan **

El Ligero vs. Pete Dunne (RPW British Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final)

Dunne is working his new Bruiserweight gimmick here. These two had a very fun back and forth match with Pete trying to ground the high flyer while Ligero flew around like a mad man. This was an awesome way for Dunne to debut his new gimmick. Dunne pins Ligero *** ½

After the match Gideon Grey attacks Ligero with a chair and threatens to Pilmanize his arm because he is pissed that Colt Cabana broke his undefeated streak as Matt Classic. He cuts a fairly long promo, breaks Ligero’s arm, and then walks out.

Josh Bodom vs. Flash Morgan Webster (RPW British Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final)

This was another pretty fun sprint. I am not a huge fan of Bodom most of the time, but he showed a good amount of aggression and was generally a pretty good heel foil for Webster, who himself played the underdog babyface pretty well. Webster pins Bodom with the 450 Splash *** ¼

After the match Bodom attacks Webster and hits him with the Bliss Buster.

Big Damo vs. Mark Haskins

One of my criticisms of Damo is that he doesn’t work like the hoss you would think he is. A lot of his strikes don’t seem to have that oompfh behind them. He was much better here just beating the crap out of Haskins and looking like the monster you know he should be. Haskins was very good for his part working from underneath and really selling the desperation he was feeling going up against this monster. Damo’s former tag partner Pyscho Phillips came out to attack Haskins and get the DQ, but was run off by Damo. Haskins wins by DQ *** ¼

Martin Kirby vs. Marty Scurll

This was interesting, both of these men are known for their character work and charisma as much as their wrestling but bar one or two moments this was a straight wrestling match. A very good straight wrestling match mind, with Kirby being one of the most underrated talents on the scene right now. This was exactly the kind of strong match that Marty needed going into his big match with Will Ospreay at High Stakes. Scurll submits Kirby with the Crossface Chicken Wing ****

Pete Dunne vs. Flash Morgan Webster (RPW British Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Final)

The story of this match was Webster coming in injured after being attacked by Bodom earlier in the night and Pete targeting that injury like the bastard that he is. That story was very well told and Flash Morgan played his part perfectly, with the few occasions he was able to fire up working so well to rile the crowd up. The finish stretch to this was especially good with a lot of really exciting action that had you at the edge of your seat. Pete Dunne pins Flash Morgan **** ¼

The Revolutionists (Sha Samuels and James Castle)(c) vs. Jimmy Havoc and T-Bone (RPW British Tag Team Championship)

T-Bone was a surprise partner for Jimmy. This match started off with a lot of crowd brawling and then continued with a lot of smoke and mirrors until Havoc brought in a chair and went after the Revolutionists. This was almost more of an angle than a match proper. The Revolutionists win by DQ ** ¾

After the match Havoc gets on the mic and demands a six man tag match against all three Revolutionists at High Stakes.

Will Ospreay vs. ACH

This started off a little bit on the goofy side but then quickly developed into the great fast paced high flying spectacle you would expect from these two men. We even got Ospreay throwing in some of Scurll’s signature moves as a reminder of their upcoming match, which I really liked. What surprised me the most, however, were the awesome strikes that ACH was throwing in a striking exchange at one point. For a man that is known more for his athleticism ACH is pretty damn good at just straight beating someone up. Ospreay pins ACH ****

Overall: 6.0

There were three 4*+ matches on this show which is pretty good in my book. These Cockpit shows are a breeze to get through and the intimate venue gives it a very distinct atmosphere that I really love.


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