NGW British Wrestling Weekly S02E02 Review

Air Date: 11/6/16

The show opens with highlights from last week’s triple threat match and Cruz’s challenge to The Control.

El Ligero vs. Ace Matthews

This was basically a showcase match for Ligero ahead of his big title match against Bubblegum, which on paper sounds like it could be amazing. Ace is a trainee and looked solid enough, his selling and facial expressions were a little too over the top for my liking but nothing he did was actively bad. There are people that have been wrestling as long as or longer than Matthews that aren’t this solid. El Ligero pins Matthews with the C4L ** ½

We get an extended version of the Sami Callihan interview from last week putting over British wrestling, as well as the Haskins interview where he is discontent with his position on the scene.

Mark Haskins vs. Sami Callihan

This was a really great hard-hitting sprint, a style of match that Sami has become a master at. You could really feel the animosity between these two men, Haskins especially was awesome as the aggressive, intense heel. The finish stretch especially was incredibly stiff and just a joy to watch, with neither man really having the upper hand. Matches like this are a prime example as to why Sami as a wrestler frustrates me, he can have awesome matches like this but more often than not pretends to be a cat in places like PWG. I respect him for doing what he enjoys, but it can be annoying to me as a viewer. Haskins submits Callihan with the Star Armbar **** ¼

Overall: 6.0

With this format of short interviews building to a main event, the show is really made or broken by the quality of said main event. Luckily this week’s main event was a legitimately great match and a low end Match of the Year Contender so the show was a breeze to get through.


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