NGW British Wrestling Weekly S02E01 Review

Air Date: 4/6/16

NGW is an interesting promotion that runs out of Hull, and generally uses a lot of lower level talent. They have a weekly YouTube show called British Wrestling Weekly and this is the premiere of the second season.

We get highlights of Nathan Cruz winning the NGW title last year, as well as a sit down interview with him, Zack Gibson, and Richie West ahead of the title match tonight. This was a really good way to help people like me jump into the promotion and understand exactly what is going on while keeping it interesting.

Nathan Cruz (c) vs. Rampage Brown (w/Richie West) vs. Zack Gibson (NGW Undisputed Championship)

This was a fine triple threat match; I feel like I would have liked it a little bit more if I was more familiar with the storylines as it seemed to be pretty story heavy, especially playing on the history between Cruz and Gibson and including interference from the top heel faction The Control. From a pure wrestling perspective this was exactly the type of fun, exciting match you would expect from these three men with several interesting spots like Gibson putting both Cruz and Rampage into the Shangly Gates. The finish was a little bit dumb considering this was billed as the Ultimate Showdown, but it’s clearly more about building the angle some more. Rampage Brown wins by Count Out *** ¼

After the match Nathan teases going after Richie West, who tells Cruz that Rampage deserves to be the champion. West hypes a big eight man tag between The Control and Team NGW and tells Cruz to put his title on the line against Rampage in that tag match. Cruz accepts on the condition that if Team NGW wins The Control must disband forever. It’s been a long time since I have seen Nathan Cruz as a babyface but his promo at the end of this show was really good and kind of makes me want to see him work as a face in some other places.

The show ends with Sami Callihan putting over the current British scene and Mark Haskins talking about going after Sami next week to remind people that he is the best. We get that match next week.

Overall: 5.5

This was a pretty good first episode, even if the match wasn’t the best. I really like this format of sit down promos hyping a single match.


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