WWE Superstars 25/3/16 Review

Air Date: 25/3/16

Tyler Breeze vs. Jack Swagger

This was a pretty boring match built around a headlock spot. That’s a real shame since these guys had a pretty good match earlier this year, and the instances where they were actually wrestling here were fun. Swagger submits Breeze with the Patriot Lock ** ¼

We get some RAW recaps and video packages as usual before the main event.

Kalisto vs. Konnor (w/Viktor)

It’s rare that we see either member of The Ascension in singles matches, and this is a great example of why. God bless Kalisto for creating a lot of motion in the early portions of this match and his comebacl to try and make it more interesting, but Konnor lumbering around was too much to overcome. He had a few moments of interesting, dynamic offence, but other than that he looked like someone straight out of 1980s WWF with his clubbing blows. Bleh. Kalisto pins Konnor with a Salida del Sol **

The show ends with a run-down of the Wrestlemania card and a reairing of Strowman/Ambrose from RAW.

Overall: 3.5

A really bad episode of the show with nothing at all worth checking out. Sometimes this happens when you watch the C-shows.


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