WWE Superstars 18/3/16 Review

Air Date: 18/3/16

Natalya vs. Summer Rae

Summer’s biggest asset is that she is really good at character work, it can be a little cartoony at times but that’s perfect for an undercard act like her. On top of that, she was pretty impressive doing some, admittedly pretty simple, chain wrestling early on and showed some nice aggression like when she slapped the taste out of Natalya’s mouth while having her in a submission. I am not a huge fan of Natalya, even if I can admit she is technically a great wrestler, and she was just kind of there in this match. Natalya submits Summer Rae with a sharpshooter ** ½

Some more RAW recaps before the main event.

Zack Ryder vs. Tyler Breeze

This is a match between two of the most underrated guys on the roster, and yes I include Zack Ryder in that. Zack has been killing it on these C-shows this year, with his feud with Stardust being a highlight. These two had a great back and forth match with callbacks to earlier spots, Breeze posted Ryder early in the match and then when he tried again Ryder reversed it. Breeze was absolutely vicious in his beat down of Zack, and Ryder was flying all over the place during his comeback. This was a great little match and another feather in the hat of Zack Ryder, C-show ace. Ryder pins Breeze with an elbow drop ***

We get a reairing of Triple H/Dolph Ziggler to end the show.

Overall: 5.0

A decent opener and a great main event makes for a really good episode of Superstars.


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