WWE Superstars 15/4/16 Review

Air Date: 15/4/16

Ryback vs. Damien Sandow

Poor Sandow came out here as just a guy and clearly doesn’t care anymore, he has even seemingly stopped tanning everything except his face which looks really weird. This match was very similar to the Ryback/Fandango match from last week, with Sandow getting in a little bit more offence but still basically being squashed. Ryback pins Sandow with the Shellshock ** ¼

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

This match told a nice little story of Ziggler not really taking Breeze seriously, playing around in the opening moments with some chain wrestling and not even taking off his shirt. Breeze then showed him up a little and we got a solid back and forth between the two afterwards. Ziggler pins Breeze with a superkick ***

Overall: 5.0

A fine squash match and a solid main event, what more can you ask for from an episode of a show like this?


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