Lucha Underground 4/5/16 Review

Air Date: 4/5/16

The show opens with Catrina confronting Dario in his office. She wants a rematch for Mil, which Dario agrees to and makes it a Grave Consequences match to prove just how unafraid of Mil Muertes Matanza is. He even raises the stakes, saying there will be four coffins and calls it Graver Consequences. Now that is a match I am excited for.

Marty the Moth Martinez vs. The Mack (Aztec Medallion)

This was a short, nothing match. The Mack seems to be working a lot goofier than usual nowadays, or maybe I just didn’t notice it before, and I am not really a fan. The Mack pins Marty **

Catrina is talking to King Cuerno backstage and tells him that Sinestro de la Muerte is going to win the Gift of the Gods Championship this year, not Cuerno. Cuerno isn’t a fan of this idea and tells Catrina that once he wins it he will come after Mil. So I guess Cuerno is a face now?

Sexy Star goes to Dario’s office next. Dario says that he knows something happened to her, he recognises the look in her eyes from his own past because his mother did cruel, twisted things to him. He tells Star that she needs to stand up to Mariposa to get over whatever happened to her, and makes the match between them a No Mas match, basically an I Quit match. I really liked Dario trying to empower Star here, it’s a nice change of pace that still fits within his character of wanting violence in his temple.

Sinestro de la Muerte (w/Catrina) vs. King Cuerno (Aztec Medallion)

This was more of an angle than a match, with Catrina almost immediately attacking Cuerno with her magical rock leading to the finish. I don’t understand this new singles push of Sinestro de la Muerte and honestly I couldn’t care any less for it. Muerte pins Cuerno NR

Mascarita Sagrada is working out backstage until Famous B appears and tells him he has a match for an Aztec Medallion tonight.

Chavo barges into Dario’s office asking why he didn’t get an Aztec Medallion match, to which Dario basically tells him that he sucks.

Mascarita Sagrada (w/Famous B and Brenda) vs. Cage (Aztec Medallion)

Obviously a bullshit squash/comedy match. Cage pins Sagrada NR

After the match Chavo Guerrero runs out and steals Cage’s Actec Medallion as Cage chases him off.

Sexy Star vs. Mariposa (No Mas, Aztec Medallion)

This match told the story of Sexy Star finally being able to stand up to the woman that abused her, and getting brutalised in the process. This story peaked for me when Star, in a submission and bleeding buckets, screamed “Fuck You” into the microphone when asked if she quits. Star is very limited in the ring, I may even go as far as to say she is the worst wrestler in any major promotion, but she was great at taking a beating and generating sympathy while doing so; the crowd was on her side throughout the match and was electric when she won. Mariposa was perfect in her role as the monster heel beating the crap out of the plucky underdog face don’t get me wrong, but this was the Sexy Star show through and through and my god was it great. Star submits Mariposa **** ¼

Sexy Star and The Mack embrace to end the show.

Overall: 5.5

Everything about this show apart from the main event was a waste of time, plain and simple. Luckily the main event fucking ruled and saved the show otherwise I have no idea what would have happened.


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