WWE Smackdown 4/2/16 Review

Air Date: 4/2/16

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev (w/Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett)

These two had a decent enough match, but this was more of an angle than anything. Del Rio and Barrett attack Roman, leading to Dean Ambrose coming out to make the save only for him to get beaten down as well. This leads to a tag match being made for the main event. The big story is Ambrose “accidently” attacking Roman when trying to make the save. No Contest NR

Ambrose is interviewed backstage about hitting Reigns, and he is adamant that it was indeed an accident.

Kalisto vs. Kevin Owens

Dolph Ziggler is on commentary, presumably to further his feud with Owens. These two had a pretty good, if basic in terms of structure, TV match. Owens teased powerbombing Kalisto into the announce table, only to throw him into Ziggler and hit Dolph with a superkick. This lead to Dolph causing a distraction allowing Kalisto to win. Kalisto pins Owens with a roll up ** ¾

We get a recap of AJ Styles on MizTV from RAW next, after which Miz is interviewed backstage. Miz cuts a pretty decent promo running down AJ before their match later.

Ryback vs. Erick Rowan (w/Braun Strowman)

I am not sure if this is the first time, but Ryback has new gear. A set of plain black tights and boots. This was a solid enough match, Ryback seems to be working harder than usual and busted out some new moves which I always appreciate. Ryback pins Rowan with a Meathook Clothesline **

Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage about the Team BAD breakup from RAW. She is immediately interrupted by Sasha Banks who says her and Becky aren’t friends. The two argue back and forth, while also agreeing to team together against Tamina and Naomi.

The Miz vs. AJ Styles

Chris Jericho is on commentary for this match. These two had a pretty fun back and forth match, it’s amazing how quickly AJ just clicks with people. Credit to Miz, he really brought some aggression and intensity to this which really helped make the match. Interestingly AJ teased the Styles Clash again but didn’t hit it, which he has only done once so far. AJ submits Miz with the Calf Crusher *** ¼

After the match Jericho gets on the mic and congratulates AJ. Chris asks AJ if he thinks he is good enough to beat Jericho twice and asks for a rematch on Smackdown next week. This wasn’t a great promo by Jericho, and their first match was fun but not anything special so I am not super excited for the rematch yet.

Roman Reigns is interviewed backstage about the tag main event tonight and if he and Dean can get along. Reigns says he knows Ambrose’s attack earlier tonight was an accident and isn’t worried at all.

New Day are out next for a promo. They talk about how being tag champs makes them better than everyone, only to be interrupted by the Social Outcasts of all people, except Bo Dallas. The two teams have a funny back and forth and head straight into a match.

New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods) vs. Social Outcasts (Adam Rose, Curtis Axel, and Heath Slater)

Total nothing squash, although I don’t understand why New Day needed to cheat to beat the eternal jobbers. Kofi Kingston pins Curtis Axel *

Charlotte (w/Ric Flair) vs. Alicia Fox (w/Brie Bella)

For a fairly short match this was a solid back and forth affair. Alicia Fox is someone that gets a lot of hype and I don’t normally understand it, but she did reasonably well here. Charlotte submits Alicia with the Figure 8 ** ¼

We get another funny vignette of Goldust trying to convince R-Truth to be his partner. Truth is checking out of his hotel and Goldust, dressed up as a bellhop, tries to help him. This was shorter than and not quite as funny as their previous vignettes which I have somewhat enjoyed.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. League of Nations (Rusev and Albero Del Rio w/Wade Barrett)

The crowd was completely dead for this match, which while largely uninspired was at least well worked. The main thing coming out of this was more teased dissention between Reigns and Ambrose, although they ended up working together for the most part. Reigns pins Rusev with a spear ** ¾

Overall: 4.5

I like the continuation of storylines on Smackdown, and making the AJ/Jericho rematch for the next episode instead of for RAW helps push the show, but nothing on the show feels important. It’s an easy watch without a lot of the bullshit from RAW, but it also feels like you can skip the show and not miss anything of note.


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