Lucha Underground 27/4/16 Review

Air Date: 27/4/16

At the start of the show Matt Striker and Vampiro inform us that Matanza and Mil Muertes will return to action soon after their fight last week.

Johnny Mundo (w/Taya) vs. Cage (Steel Cage, Aztec Medallion)

Pretty good, brutal match here and worthy of being the first steel cage match in Lucha Underground history. The story was simple enough, Cage was the stronger man and wanted to hurt Mundo but Mundo and Taya were doing everything they could to “cheat” and avoid Cage. This included the use of Taya’s belt, a kendo stick, a chair, and even handcuffs, so lots of shenanigans. Even though I enjoyed this match a lot and will rate it highly, I feel like the emotional connection for something so brutal just wasn’t there and I am not entirely sure why. It’s most likely because Mundo, the heel, was selling for most of the match and so you never feel sympathy towards anyone. Good match regardless, but with some structural changes it could have been great. Cage pins Mundo with a piledriver onto a chair *** ¾

Dario comes out next and informs us that Angelico is unable to compete tonight due to an unfortunate accident, but his team will still defend the belts tonight.

Ivelisse and Son of Havoc (c) vs. Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Fenix vs. The Crew (Cortez Castro and Mr Cisco) and Joey Ryan vs. Prince Puma, Dragon Azteca Jr, and Rey Mysterio Jr (Trios Tournament Final, Lucha Underground Trios Championship, Elimination)

The first portion of this match, until the elimination of Joey and The Crew by Ivelisse, was a really great chaotic multiman match with some crazy dives and highflying. The second portion was really used to push the desperation of the champs as the underdogs, until Ivelisse finally got eliminated on a roll up. I really liked this part of the match as the more storytelling parts contrasted well with the chaos from earlier. The third fall was a nice mix of chaos and storytelling. My one major issue with this match is that the first elimination took a fair amount of time to get to but the next two came very quickly, this might make sense in kayfabe but it leads to a pretty uneven match. That said, having Rey as part of a trio helping get two other guys over is the perfect use for him at this stage of his career and I am excited for this team going forward. Rey Mysterio pins Jack Evans with a springboard moonsault **** ¼

We are in a smoke filled temple next, where a hooded Vampiro tells Pentagon Jr to get up out of a wheelchair. Pentagon is unable to so Vampiro proceeds to burn him with candle wax and scream at him until he falls to the floor. It seems like we are going to get the rebuilding of Pentagon, which is cool and all but I’d much rather see him in the ring.

Overall: 6.0

This show was all about the end of the trios tournament, and the finals delivered so I have no real reason to complain.


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