Lucha Underground 13/4/16 Review

Air Date: 13/4/16

Dario is in his office with Johnny Mundo, Cage, and Taya. He tells them he wants this year’s tournament to be better than last year’s and suggests they team together. Cage demands a match against Mundo instead, which Dario denies. Dario reminds them that the current champs hated each other last year as well and look what happened to them. Another segment completely carried by the greatness that is Dario Cuerto.

Argenis vs. Killshot

Killshot is wearing new gear tonight, with a more military look to him and Matt Striker mentioned on commentary that while he doesn’t like to talk about it Killshot used to be in the army. This was basically a showcase match for Killshot, who looks to be in line for a big push this season. Killshot pins Argenis with the JML Driver ** ½

Dragon Azteca meets backstage with Black Lotus and asks why she is working with Dario. She claims to have been threatened by Dario, to which Azteca tells her to stay close and learn more. Inside his office, Dario meets with Daga and shows him the seven Aztec medallions. Dario tells him that he will face Texano for one of the medallions tonight, and Daga seems confident about his chances.

Daga vs. Texano (Aztec Medallion)

I wasn’t expecting much from this match since I don’t know a huge amount about Daga and I haven’t liked Texano in Lucha Underground, but these two had a pretty good, hard hitting back and forth match. Even the crowd brawling, which is normally a little hit and miss, was at least somewhat interesting. We got some nice storytelling as well with Daga reversing a powerbomb earlier in the match, only to eventually lose to it. Good debut for Daga, even in a losing effort. Texano pins Daga with a powerbomb *** ¼

Catrina is backstage with Mil Muertes, she tells him that the Disciples of Death are in the trios tournament next week and want forgiveness from Mil, who seems to give it to them. We also find out that Mil will face Matanza for the title next week, and Catrina doesn’t seem too excited for his chances.

Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio Jr, and Dragon Azteca Jr vs. Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Cage (Trios Tournament First Round)

This was a very good, exciting trios match with the luchadors flying all over the place and adding a lot of fun to the match. Rey was working like he was ten years younger and it was just incredible to watch, it’s insane what happens when someone is motivated. Everyone was great in this match, but Dragon Azteca was really able to make himself into a star in just one match. This team works very well together and I am excited to see where they go from here. Puma pins Mundo with a 630 Splash *** ¾

Dario is talking to Matanza about his match with Mil Muertes next week. Very good, creepy segment to end the show.

Overall: 5.5

This felt like a real return to the Lucha Underground of season 1. We got some good matches and a little bit off storyline advancement without going too far and getting ridiculous. The show has been pretty good the last few episodes since Aztec Warfare and I hope it continues.


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