Fight Club: Pro – Rage Against the Death Machine Review

Air Date: 8/7/16

Fight Club: Pro is one of the smaller indies in the UK that has started to release shows on demand and has been getting a hell of a lot of buzz. They try to push a more serious, strong style approach to wrestling and their shows are filmed with that idea in mind.

Travis Banks vs. Zack Sabre Jr

What a goddamn great match to start off this show. We got an absolute clinic of matwork to start things off, until Banks got frustrated about being out wrestled and started getting a lot more heated and aggressive. This obviously pissed off Sabre and these two men just went to war. Travis Banks doesn’t get to wrestle a lot of singles matches but he is so damn good and him firing up in this match got me fucking pumped, I hope he gets a hell of a lot more opportunities because he could be the next big star in the country. On paper this looked like it could be fun but it ended up over delivering in the best way possible and may be one of the best opening matches I’ve ever seen. Zack Sabre Jr submits Travis Banks **** ½

Chris Brookes vs. Clint Margera (No Disqualification)

These two men have been feuding for a little while now and before the match can start Clint asks that the match be made no disqualification. Brookes is a really great heel and another guy I hope gets some more big opportunities soon. These two had a pretty good, brutal death match that may have gone a little bit too long but had me engaged throughout. I am not normally a big fan of this style of wrestling but I enjoyed this, which is probably the highest praise I can give it. Brookes pins Margera *** ½

After that we get a promo from MK McKinnan stating that he has to vacate the Fight Club Pro title because of a heart condition. This leads to Trent Severn and Sami Callihan both coming out. They embrace MK, who announces that he wants the main event of Trent/Callihan tonight to be for the now vacant title. Sami uses this chance to run down Trent, who tells Sami that he is going to knock him the fuck out tonight. The two get into a brawl to end the segment, which was such a perfect way to deal with the MK situation.

Dan Moloney vs. Lee Hunter

It’s pretty rare that we see a singles match from one of the Hunter Brothers, but here we are. These two had a pretty intense match until Wild Boar came out and beat on Lee, leading to Jim coming out to make the save. All four men have an incredible brawl all around the venue that makes me desperate to see the eventual tag match coming out of this. No Contest NR

Pete Dunne vs. Tommy End

I am not normally a huge fan of Tommy as a singles wrestler, but he was great in this environment just beating the crap out of Pete in a dingy warehouse. This is everything I want from Tommy End. Pete was obviously great here, just as he always is, and not only took a hell of a beating from Tommy but threw it right back at him. Pete Dunne pins Tommy End *** ¾

Sami Callihan vs. Trent Seven (FCP Championship)

One of the major complaints of Sami Callihan is that he relies too much on crowd brawling in his matches. He immediately went to brawl in the crowd here, but the intimate atmosphere of the venue meant it worked really well here. These two men went to absolute war with each other, there was nothing pretty or gimmicky about it. Sami went after Trent with like a million bicycle kicks that just couldn’t keep the big man down; the never say die attitude of Trent really helped make this match, with him kicking out of a piledriver at one having me jumping out of my chair in excitement. It’s a surprise to see Sami win the title, but after a performance like that I have no reason to complain. Sami submits Trent with a crossface **** ½

Overall: 7.0

This show was about an hour and a half long, had two phenomenal matches, and made me fall in love with the promotion. Because of the length of the show, nothing felt like it dragged or that it didn’t need to be there. Go out of your way to watch this entire show and get on the ground floor of this promotion because they are going to be one to watch.


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