Revolution Pro TV S02E03 Review

Air Date: 31/3/16

After a little break, we have another episode of RevPro TV featuring an awesome looking main event of Ospreay/Sabre in a non-title match.

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt (British Cruiserweight Championship)

Dunne has had a pretty good year so far since reinventing himself as the Bruiserweight. Sonjay is a guy that isn’t having blow away classics anymore but is still an exciting high flyer, and he meshed well with Dunne’s ground and pound style. The match was mostly built around Dutt flying around and Dunne trying to ground him, only to get the win from a roll up. Not the strongest win for young Pete, but it at least helps get him over as a heel. Dunne pins Dutt with a roll up ** ½

After that we get highlights from Finn Balor/Jushin Liger from a York Hall show a few years ago.

Will Ospreay vs. Zack Sabre Jr

This was billed as a big match for Will as he is taking on the British Heavyweight champion in a non-title match, and with Marty Scurll claiming he won’t take on Zack for the title a win here could be a big deal. These two had a phenomenal match, with Sabre dominating Ospreay for much of the match and really putting on a technical clinic. He tied Will up in all sorts of crazy submissions and really wore the high flyer down. It eventually delved into a great back and forth, but even then Zack was largely outwrestling Will and became a bit of a dick about it towards the end. The best part of this match was that, unlike a lot of matches both of these guys have had this year, it always felt like an actual fight and not just a performance. A truly, truly great match and probably a dark horse for match of the year. Sabre submits Ospreay **** ½

Overall: 6.0

This is exactly what I want from an episode of RevPro TV, a great main event and a solid opener. No fuss, no bullshit, just two good matches.


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