PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night 1 Review

Air Date: 4/3/16

It’s weird that PWG are running another All-Star Weekend only like two or three months after the last one, but 2016 PWG has bigger issues than that so it’s not worth talking about.

Trevor Lee vs. Chuck Taylor

Lee is working as a full on heel now after his tweener period during the match with Zack Sabre Jr. This was a really great opener and the closest thing you’ll see to a sprint in modern PWG. Everything was fast paced and exciting and it never felt like it was overstaying its welcome. Trevor was a super fun goofy heel and I am all in on this character. Chuck Taylor continuing his winning streak is a little strange, it’s clearly setting something up but I don’t know what. Chuck Taylor pins Trevor Lee via small package *** ½

Chris Hero vs. Evil Uno

This had a really big fight feel to it, Hero always has this aura about him and since his return Uno has channelled a similar aura. This started off with Hero completely outwrestling Uno, which led to him becoming pissed off and this descended into a straight up fight between to giants. Hero matches in PWG always feel super bloated, even for the standards of this promotion, and this was no exception. The match was phenomenal, with an insanely great closing stretch, but I feel like they could easily shave three or four minutes off of the whole thing and not lose much. Hero pins Uno with a Rolling Elbow *** ¾

Drew Galloway vs. Trent Barreta

This was a perfectly fine match using the Drew throwing around a little guy formula. Trent isn’t a great singles guy so this was a little plodding at times, but totally watchable regardless. Trent pins Drew with the Dudebsuter ** ¾

Roderick Strong vs. Mark Andrews

Roddy was in full dickhead mode here, straight up bullying Andrews and it was glorious. Andrews is a great underdog babyface and he worked this perfectly, he is able to garner sympathy from his selling and facial expressions perfectly. Not only that, but all of his offence came from reversing things Roddy was doing to him which is a great little touch. This was a real dominant win for Roddy ahead of his title defence tomorrow. Strong pins Andrews with End of Heartache *** ½

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Marty Scurll

This is a match that looks great on paper and by god did it deliver. Things didn’t start out great, with a lot of mat work that failed to grab the audience (which is no surprise since that’s not something that would really get over in Reseda) which Kyle came out on top of. The pace picked up a little after that, although again with mostly chain wrestling, and the match really got going after that. We got a lot of really good, believable false finishes, it gets said a lot but Kyle’s transitions are just phenomenal to watch. Hell of a match. Kyle submits Marty with a grapevinned ankle lock **** ¼

Adam Cole vs. Zack Sabre Jr

Zack came into this match immediately pissed off, and that is when he is at his best. Surprisingly, Cole was the one that was really focussed on a limb, going after Zack’s leg with deadly precision. They lost the crowd a little bit in this match given how long it was, but after a failed run in by Roddy to set up the finish it looked like they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. I especially really dug the finish with Zack using Roddy’s own submission to beat his friend the night before their big title match. Sabre submits Cole with the Strong Hold *** ¼

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)(c) vs. Ricochet and Matt Sydal (PWG World Tag Team Championship)

The Bucks do their own ring introductions before the match, and take the time to mock Ricochet and Sydal. This was exactly the fun, fast paced, spotty match that you would expect from these four men. Ricochet especially looked like an absolute star in this match, with a great hot tag and an incredible moment where he caught Nick Jackson in the middle of a Meltzer Driver. Matt Jackson pins Matt Sydal after a Meltzer Driver *** ¼

After the match, Adam Cole and Roderick Strong come out and beat up Matt Sydal. Zack Sabre Jr comes out to make the save, but is outnumbered and hit with multiple superkicks by the Bucks. After that Roddy gets on the mic calling himself the best in the world and tells the rest of Mt Rushmore to stay in the back tomorrow night.

Overall: 6.5

I haven’t been a huge fan of PWG shows this year, but this was a pretty good show all round with Kyle/Marty clearly being the match of the night.


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