wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Day 3 Review

Air Date: 13/3/16

It’s the final day of the tournament, and after two very good shows things are set to deliver again big time.

Angelico vs. Drew Galloway (16 Carat Gold Quarter Final)

Drew wasn’t able to make it to day 2 so his quarter final match is happening right now. Angelico and Galloway had a fun brawling style match here, something we don’t see a lot from Angelico. The match was very short at about 6 minutes, which sort of makes sense as Drew is wrestling twice tonight but is still disappointing. Galloway pins Angelico with a spinning Futureshock DDT ***

Galloway gets on the mic and asks for his semi-final match right now, which also explains why his first match was so short.

Drew Galloway vs. Axel Dieter Jr (16 Carat Gold Semi Final)

This was a very good, and very smartly worked match. Galloway had just worked another match and was expecting to work the finals so obviously went straight to his big moves to try and end things quickly. That was basically the story of the entire match, it was effectively one long finishing stretch with Drew throwing everything he had at Axel who was obviously fresher and able to overcome. Axel Dieter Jr pins Drew Galloway with the Regalplex *** ¾

Sami Callihan vs. Zack Sabre Jr (16 Carat Gold Semi Final)

We head straight to the second semi-final match. This had a very hot opening and, apart from a few moments like Zack kicking out of a piledriver at 1, never really got back to that level. Everything was worked well, it just lacked some emotion which is a shame. Zack pins Sami with a PK ***

Team Silas (Silas Young and Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent the Beast)) vs. Team Walter (Big Daddy Walter, Mike Schwarz, and Timothy Thatcher)

This was a fine trios match, nothing spectacular by any means but fast paced and fairly hard hitting. Thatcher sort of blended into the background here as Walter really took the reigns for his team. Gunns pins Schwarz ** ½

After the match Walter shakes hands with Thatcher and then beats the ever living hell out of Mike Schwarz.

Aaron Insane and Toni Storm vs. Kevin Roadster and Melanie Gray

Mixed tag rules here. This was another perfectly serviceable but nothing special match, it almost felt like an ok TV match more than anything. Toni Storm pins Melanie Gray with a Fisherman’s Suplex **

Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov and Julian Nero w/Adam Polak)(c) vs. David Starr and Shane Strickland (wXw World Tag Team Championship)

David Starr has become incredibly over in front of this German crowd and plays it off well. I don’t know a huge amount about Cerberus, but Dragunov has looked good this whole weekend and continued that in this match. The match itself was fine, a little weak in places but generally alright. Strickland and Starr left a pretty good impression on me by the end of this weekend and I would really like to see more of them. Nero pins Strickland to retain *** ¼

Da Mack vs. Emil Sitoci vs. Kim Ray (wXw Shotgun Championship Number One Contendership)

This was a pretty good little sprint. Mack’s open palmed strikes looked really weak to me but other than that there isn’t really much to talk about. Just a fun six or seven minutes of wrestling. Da Mack pins Kim Ray with Mack Magic ***

Jurn Simmons (c) vs. Tyler Bate (wXw Unified World Championship)

This was a very quick match built around little Tyler trying to topple the monstrous Simmons. They told that story very well and Bate is great at both getting the crap kicked out of him and playing the underdog on offence. Only about 4 minutes long but a perfect 4 minutes. Simmons pins Bate with a piledriver ** ¾

Trevor Lee and Marty Scurll vs. Speedball Mike Bailey and Will Ospreay

On paper this match looks like it could steal the weekend, and it might have done. Ospreay and Scurll obviously work very well together and adding the phenomenal Lee and Bailey to the mix made things so much more exciting. This was largely a spotfest but I am not going to complain at all because it was a hell of a ride to watch. Scurll submits Bailey with the crossface chicken wing **** ¼

Zack Sabre Jr vs. Axel Dieter Jr (16 Carat Gold Final)

This was an awesome performance by both men and a real war of attrition. They went hold for hold on the mat which was fun to watch, and then Zack tapped into his dickhead persona and destroyed Axel with multiple PKs and slapping the shit out of him while tying Dieter up in wacky submissions. Sabre is at his best when he is pissed off and has something to prove, and that’s exactly what we got here. Awesome stuff. Sabre submits Dieter **** ¼

Zack cuts a promo after the match putting over the crowd and wXw, and promises to cash in his title match soon and stick around on the European scene for a while.

Overall: 6.0

This was probably the weakest show of the weekend, largely due to all of the native talent. They weren’t bad at all, it’s just that their matches didn’t really connect with me as much as the tournament matches did. That said, we still got several really great matches on this show so it wasn’t all bad.



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