WCPW Loaded Episode 15 Review

Air Date: 19/11/16

This is the first show from the infamous London tapings, and I really like the look of the venue.

Doug Williams vs. Joe Hendry

This was a super short back and forth match, with a finish coming completely out of nowhere. Not much more to say about this match. Hendry pins Williams with the Freak of Nature ** ½

After the match Hendry gets on the mic and talks about how he is going to have to get more aggressive to beat Conners, he might have to abandon his old ways. This seemed like it was teasing a heel turn, but instead Hendry challenged Conners to a steel cage match at the next iPPV. I have to say, this stipulation has been built to fairly well with how long the feud has been going.

We get a promo by the Swords of Essex backstage talking about how they are going to destroy the tag division. They are joined by Will Ospreay, and I am so excited for this segment already. The three banter back and forth and Paul Robinson offers to have Will’s back tonight, but Will declines. I am so happy for the Swords to get a bigger shot again, they are a great tag team/trio.

Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) vs. Swords of Essex (Paul Robinson and Scott Wainwright)

The crowd had no idea who the swords were sadly, and called Robbo Gillberg and a “poor man’s Kirby.” Credit to Paul, he played it off very well. Trent and Paul basically beat the crap out of each other in this match, something Trent seems to do a lot in his matches and I love it every time, and the Swords were great as dickhead heels. A big win here for them to make them immediately become a team to watch. Wainwright pins Bate *** ¾

Joe Coffey is backstage talking about how he keeps losing all of his big matches, something which I hadn’t even noticed until he pointed it out to be honest, and how he needs to change things up. He introduces his brother, and tag team specialist, Mark Coffey and announces that they are joining the tag team tournament. I haven’t seen a huge amount of Mark since he largely works ICW but I am excited to see what he can bring to the table.

El Ligero (c) vs. Marty Scurll (WCPW Internet Championship)

Marty won a fan poll also featuring Gabriel Kidd and Prince Ameen to get this title shot. I am liking the idea of having Ligero defend the title on most shows in pretty good matches, that’s exactly how a title like this should be used. These two had a nice back and forth match, although Marty was playing up the more comedic elements of his character which I don’t always care for. He teased an umbrella shot, which the referee sees, and then goes for a shot with the title belt only to get rolled up. I feel like Ligero hasn’t had a lot of clean wins in his run so far, which is not the best way to book a fighting champion. Ligero pins Scurll with a roll up *** ¼

Ospreay is backstage and meets with Adam Pacitti. Pacitti tells Will to go out and injure Kirby tonight, this doesn’t sit well with Ospreay who threatens Adam if he gets involved.

We get a very good promo from Joseph Conners in the ring, he talks about taking out Drew Galloway and threatens to do much worse to Hendry and accepts the cage match.

James R Kennedy is outside and cuts a promo on Rampage. He challenges Rampage to a series of 7 matches, each with some kind of stipulation. That’s a pretty cool idea and something I don’t think we’ve seen before, or at least in a very long time.

Gabriel Kidd runs into Joseph Conners backstage and calls him out for how he’s been acting recently. Conners gets in Kidd’s face but Kidd doesn’t back down and challenges Conners to a match next week. This was honestly the most likable Kidd has seemed in his entire run so far, I hope we get more of this valiant babyface Gabriel Kidd and not comedy lower card geek.

Martin Kirby vs. Will Ospreay

This wasn’t quite as good as the first match, more so because of the angle at the end than anything. Both men came into this match acting much more serious than previously, which really helped sell it as a big deal. Some pretty damn great wrestling until Adam and the Swords come out and attack Kirby. Robinson gives a weapon to Ospreay, who uses it to hit Kirby in the back and get the win, turning heel in the process. Ospreay pins Kirby with a knee strike ****

After the match the Swords reveal that they are wearing Pacitti Club shirts and hand one to Will, who puts it on. I have thought for a while that Will as a character would work so much better as a heel and this angle has me incredibly excited. The crowd was super hot for it and in the short few moments we got to see heel Will he already had a great swagger to him. Ospreay the person is a bit of a cocky, punk kid so if he can channel that into a character he could do great. Great angle to end the show.

Overall: 6.5

This was a legit great episode of TV. The London crowd has a great energy to it, nothing on this show felt like garbage filler or overstayed its welcome, we got a great segment to end the show, and things are really shaping up nicely for down the road. I hate when WCPW put on good shows like this because I know I am just going to end up disappointed soon enough.


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