WCPW True Legacy Review

Air Date: 5/11/16

This show was broadcast over two weeks, however I will review both parts here. The show opens with El Ligero being told by Adam Pacitti that he will be a part of the tag tournament tonight as well as defending his Internet Championship, we then head to the first match in said tournament.

Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) vs. Johnny Moss and Liam Slater (Adam Pacitti Tag Team Tournament First Round)

This was a really great match to open the show. Moss and Bate have some great chemistry and just beat the crap out of each other, and it’s the best. We got a good mix of hard hitting action and crazy high flying, with some of Moustache Mountain’s signature silliness thrown in for good measure. Awesome opener and something really hard to follow. Slater pins Bate after a splash off the back of Severn ****

Both teams shake hands after the match. Joe Hendry cuts a pretty good little promo on Conners as he arrives at the arena.

El Ligero (c) vs. Pete Dunne (WCPW Internet Championship)

I understand that this crowd is very different to normal British Wrestling crowds, and understand why that is good for the scene as a whole, but this crowd chanting “cheap Jack Swagger” at Dunne was super annoying. Pete is normally best as a base against high flyers, and this was a great example of that as we got a pretty fun back and forth between these two. The finish was a little bit lame, but was clearly setting up the next match. Ligero pins Dunne with a roll up *** ¼

Pete attacks Ligero from behind after the match, and is joined by Travis Banks. Banks announces that he and Pete are now a tag team, called Strong Style Collective, and are entering the tag tournament against Ligero and his partner now, which prompts Alberto El Patron to come out and join Ligero. Dunne and Banks have been treated like complete jobbers by WCPW but the prospect of them teaming together is too great to ignore.

Strong Style Collective (Pete Dunne and Travis Banks) vs. El Ligero and Alberto El Patron (Adam Pacitti Tag Team Tournament First Round)

This was a complete nothing, house show tag for the most part. It was clear that Alberto did not put on his working boots tonight. The other three men worked really hard to counteract El Patron, however they started to get a bit too cute with Pete’s hand biting spot which annoyed me. Pete pins Ligero with a pumphandle slam ***

Prospect are backstage waiting for James R Kennedy to find out who their tag partner is tonight, who turns out to be The Primate. I appreciate that this was set up on TV and actually got a pay off, that’s good storytelling right there.

Team Kennedy (Prospect (Alex Gracie, Lucas Archer, and Drake) and The Primate w/James R Kennedy) vs. Team Rampage (El Desperado, Prince Ameen, Gabriel Kidd, and Rampage Brown)(Elimination)

This match is basically just a bunch of geeks getting in the way of two big lads. Primate stays at ringside and Rampage did not tag in until the rest of his team was eliminated, at which point he comes in and just murders some nerds. It gets down to Primate and Rampage, who have a super fun brawl that really makes me want a singles match between them both. Primate chokes out Rampage to win **

Joseph Conners is backstage and cuts a pretty meh promo on Hendry, calling him a wannabe and saying they were never really friends.

Joseph Conners (c) vs. Joe Hendry (WCPW World Championship)

This is the main event of part one. Hey, guess what? Joseph Conners had another really boring main event match! They really need to get the title off of him ASAP because he is not a good professional wrestler. Hendry is still pretty green and his offence looks awkward as shit, but at least he is somewhat entertaining. We get some referee shenanigans and a belt shot leading to Conners retaining. Yay (!) Conners pins Hendry ** ¼

Air Date: 12/11/16

Adam Pacitti is outside with Damo to start off this show, he tells Damo to kill Kirby tonight and is clearly starting to go a little mad. Damo agrees but then gives him a side eye to end the segment.

Joe Coffey vs. Minoru Suzuki

This felt a lot better than the last match, it felt more like a fight than an exhibition like the last one. These two men just tried to beat the ever living shit out of each other, and Coffey put on a star making performance standing up to Suzuki and firing the fuck up. Shame he lost, but hopefully this can be built on. Suzuki pins Coffey with a Gotch Style Piledriver *** ½

Suzuki raises Coffey’s arm after the match, but backstage Coffey refuses an interview and chokes out Jack the Jobber.

Big Damo vs. Martin Kirby

This was a perfectly fine big man vs. little man match. Kirby wrestled from underneath, and honestly he wasn’t great at it but he’s over enough that it kind of worked. We got a nice little story of Kirby not being able to hit Damo with the Sable Bomb at the start of the match and then winning with an assisted version. Kirby pins Damo with an assisted Sable Bomb ***

Damo teases attacking Kirby but ends up shaking his hand. This causes Adam Pacitti to come out and threaten to fire Damo, to which Damo announces that he has quit because he is “going to Orlando” wink wink nudge nudge. He puts over the crowd and Kirby after chasing off Pacitti.

We get a recap of the Kimber Lee vs. Nixon Newell feud, which is a little weird since that isn’t something they typically do but it worked I guess.

Nixon Newell (c) vs. Kimber Lee (WCPW Women’s Championship, Street Fight, Melina Guest Referee)

I have no idea why Melina is the special guest referee for this, and she didn’t even get involved in the match so her inclusion is even weirder. Lee and Newell have some fun crowd brawling, even if we didn’t get to see a lot of it because of shitty production crews. However, there was one very strange spot where the two women stop fighting and share a pint. That really helps sell the blood feud they’ve been having doesn’t it? Regardless, this match got quite heated and there was a very nice callback as Newell tried for the curbstomp onto a chair that won her the title originally. Nixon pins Kimber to retain ***

Kurt Angle vs. Cody Rhodes

This was a super boring, exhibition style match that Kurt has been having all over the place recently. The flow was hurt really badly as Cody stopped the match and favoured his ankle, whether that was intentional to set up the finish or a real injury it didn’t work. The first five minutes or so were devoted to each man and the referee doing cartwheels. I am so done with Cody on the indies and I really hope once the magic wears off for him he tries to actually reinvent himself and become better. Angle submits Cody with the ankle lock ** ¾

Cody gets on the mic and puts over Angle and the crowd to end the show.

Overall: 6.0

From a strictly in ring point of view, this was a very good show with a lot of solid matches. However only the opener really broke through as anything special and a show filled with good but not great matches is not something I am super into.


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