WCPW Loaded Episode 14 Review

Air Date: 29/10/16

The show opens with Adam Pacitti announcing that Joe Hendry will get a match with Joseph Conners at True Legacy, which is apparently next week but has never been mentioned on the show yet. If Cody wins the title tonight, he will defend it against Kurt Angle next week otherwise Hendry/Conners is for the title. It feels a bit soon to blow off this feud so I doubt there will be a clean finish there, even if I am bored by the feud personally.

Kimber Lee vs. Little Miss Roxxy

This was basically a squash to get over Kimber as a heel now. She showed some nice viciousness with her offence, the German suplexes had a nice snap, but I struggle to see her has a nasty heel. Lee pins Roxxy with a popup powerbomb NR

After the match, Kimber Lee teases attacking Roxxy with a chair until Nixon comes out to make the save. Nixon clearly missed her cue as Lee just stood around awkwardly holding the chair. The two brawl to end the segment, I am expecting a good little title match between these two.

Prince Ameen and Gabriel Kidd are backstage. Kidd tells Ameen that they should enter the tag team tournament, which Ameen eventually agrees to as well as a warm up match tonight. Hopefully this tournament will have better teams that these two.

Travis Banks vs. Martin Kirby

This is Kirby’s first match since being screwed out of the title, and holy shit he is still so over. I honestly think he needs to be the one to take the title off of Conners since he is the only non-import that is really over. These two had a pretty good, long, back and forth match with Banks being a solid heel even though he was a little too much like a cartoon bad guy at times. Kirby pins Banks with the Sable Bomb *** ¼

Pacitti bumps into El Ligero backstage and tells him that he is teaming with El Desperado tonight against Ameen and Kidd. Huh.

The Primate vs. Rampage Brown

On paper this looks like a great big lads match, and what we got was damn fun. Eventually the referee gets knocked down and these two monsters have a hot pull apart brawl. Primate is eventually dragged to the back by Prospect while Rampage killed the security geeks. I loved the hell out of this. No Contest

We get a video package of Pacitti announcing that WCPW will be in Orlando for Wrestlemania Weekend, which is cool as shit all things considered.

Prince Ameen and Gabriel Kidd vs. El Ligero and El Desperado

This is such a weird use of Despy that it made me think Suzuki requested he be brought in and WCPW had no idea what to do with him. Ligero was working his ass off to overcome the fact that Despy completely took the night off and did basically nothing. Kidd worked pretty hard as well, but this was an almost complete carry job by Ligero. Ligero pins Ameen after a low blow from Desperado ** ¾

After the match Ligero shakes hands with Kidd to remind us they are both still faces.

Pacitti, who is really all over this show, reveals the tag bracket. Except only two match were shown. He was super obnoxious in this segment and I am not sure if it was for heel heat or if he actually sucks, I think it’s a little of both.

Joe Hendry is on commentary for the main event.

Joseph Conners (c) vs. Cody Rhodes (WCPW World Championship)

Oh god. Two guys whose matches always last far longer than they should and are objectively bad professional wrestlers in a main event. What did I do to deserve this? There was so much going on in this match and by the end none of it really meant anything. Rhodes came out with Kenny as his personal ring announcer, who Conners attacks during the match but is never brought up again afterwards. They do a lot of boring wrestling and then Conners goes to leave, and ends up throwing Cody into Hendry. Hendry and Cody then have a stare off even though it was clearly Conners’ fault. Cody then pulls out his Undashing mask, hits Conners with it and then tries to put it on and gets it taken away by the referee. A minute later Cody goes for a roll up win which gets reversed by Conners. Someone please tell whoever put this match together that you don’t need so much bullshit schtick in a big time title match. UGH. Conners retains via roll up **

Hendry and Cody beat on Conners after the match and embrace, which makes the stare down just two minutes earlier even more infuriating. Cody puts over the crowd and promises to be back to end the show.

Overall: 5.0

Honestly, other than the piss poor main event this was a solid enough show. The Primate/Rampage stuff is exciting to me, the Women’s Title feud is being built well, and Kirby is still making his ascent to the top.


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