WCPW Refuse to Lose Review

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Air Date: 6/10/16

This is of course WCPW’s first iPPV endeavour after having two supercards up for free on YouTube. Several big stars have been brought in for the show including Kurt Angle and Minoru Suzuki. The actual iPPV had a lot of issues at the time, with it not playing or skipping around for many people. I am watching this on VOD so hopefully there won’t be as many issues. JR and Jim Cornette join Alex Shane on commentary and welcome us to the show.

After that Bret Hart comes out, he puts over the crowd and WCPW a little before announcing a new set of tag team titles for the company. I honestly think these guys don’t have the roster for the amount of titles they are adding in such a short time, there are only really three regular tag teams in the company and one of them are jobbers. Prospect comes out to interrupt Bret, but Kennedy’s microphone doesn’t work which feels like a metaphor for the entire company. Prospect tease attacking Bret Hart until Gabriel Kidd, Johnny Moss, and Liam Slater run out to make the save.

Joe Coffey vs. Minoru Suzuki (w/El Desperado)

It’s so incredibly weird that WCPW booked Suzuki, he’s not the kind of ex-WWE guy that they normally book. The funniest part of that was commentary having no idea who Desperado was and not even trying to pretend otherwise, although the crowd chanting “shit Sin Cara” annoyed me a little bit. Suzuki came into this pissed the hell off and just beating the crap out of Coffey, who was completely out classed here. There were a few times where Coffey looked like he was really going for it, but for whatever reason the match never felt like it got out of first gear. Minoru Suzuki pins Joe Coffey with a delayed Gotch-style Piledriver *** ¼

We get a video package to set up the next match.

Travis Banks vs. El Ligero vs. Alberto El Patron (WCPW Internet Championship)

This match didn’t really click for me and I wasn’t sure why until the crowd started chanting “Are you watching Vince McMahon?” in reference to El Patron. That’s when I realised Alberto was the worst part of this match and his lazy performance, the man didn’t even take off his damn t-shirt, actively brought everyone else down. Every interaction between Ligero and Banks was good, but then Alberto came back in and everything grinded to a holt. Bleh. El Ligero pins Travis Banks with a cradle pin ** ½

After the match El Patron congratulates Ligero, and then we head to a video package for the next match.

Doug Williams vs. Cody Rhodes

I am starting to come around to Doug’s Mr Brexit/anti-import gimmick, but they are really hitting people over the head with the hypocrisy of it which ruins the fun. I have yet to see a really blow away Cody match since he left WWE, nothing that makes me think he was being too underutilised. It’s not for lack of trying or opponents, but it’s slowly becoming clear Cody just isn’t the wrestler Dusty or Goldust are. This was another in the list of perfectly fine, but boring and plodding matches Cody has been having. Cody pins Williams with the Cross Rhodes ** ¼

Adam Blampied vs. Rampage Brown (Street Fight)

Blampied came out in a suit and offered Rampage £600 to not have the match, which Rampage obviously denied. This was obviously more of an angle than a match, with Prospect and the returning Big Damo coming out to help Adam and then the faces coming out to chase them away. Rampage pins Blampied after putting him through a table NR

Nixon Newell (c) vs. Kimber Lee (WCPW Women’s Championship)

In my last WCPW review I wrote about how the women’s division is really lacking and they need to capitalise on all of the great female talent in the country, and although I have no issues with this match on paper there could have been a second women’s match on this card to build up the rest of the division. Unfortunately this was a bad, awkward, and botchy match that did nothing for both women on the division as a whole. Things were fine for the most part, and then everything suddenly fell off of a cliff as Newell botched a tiger suplex for the finish which wasn’t announced as the finish for what felt like a solid minute. After that Kimber Lee awkwardly attacked Newell, so I guess she is sticking around for a bit. Newell pins Lee * ¾

After the match we get a video package announcing Broken Matt Hardy will be at the next set of tapings in November. After that Jack the Jobber comes down to the ring and asks out SoCal Val, who is doing the ring announcing, until Primate comes out and attacks him and then turns on Suzie. With this and the Blampied angle from earlier it seems like they are really phasing out the WhatCulture staff, which has been something they’ve been slowly doing for a while now.

Joseph Conners (c) vs. Martin Kirby (WCPW World Championship)

Martin Kirby had a real main event entrance here, and was great at wrestling from underneath throughout. He has really become a star in my eyes. Unfortunately a lot of this was your standard boring, plodding, Joseph Conners match which was perhaps the worst thing to do on a stage like this. When the pace started to pick up both men did very well, but why Conners tries to make all of his matches into these long epics when that’s just not something he can do successfully I will never understand.

Unfortunately the big story coming out of this match is Adam Pacitti seemingly turning heel and costing Kirby the match. This dumb company just can’t get past trying to re-do things WWE did two decades ago and running bullshit angles like this, “Newcastle Screwjob” which only serve to get the WhatCulture staff over and not the actual wrestlers. It looked like they were fading stuff like this out by getting rid of Suzie and potentially Blampied, but now we have another dumb company with a heel authority figure at the helm. Screw this company. Conners pins Kirby to retain the title *** ½

Joe Hendry vs. Kurt Angle

This was a super basic match, which is probably for the best given how Hendry has been doing in the ring recently. I love the guy’s gimmick but he’s got a long way to go in the ring. These two men just had a bit of a wrestle for a little while and then it just ended. This got by on aura alone, which is really the only thing both men have going for them in 2016. Angle submits Hendry with the Ankle Lock ** ¾

After the match Kurt Angle gets on the mic and puts over Hendry and the crowd to end the show.

Overall: 5.0

All of the iPPV issues aside this was a completely nothing show. The best match on the card was the world championship match and even that was marred with dumb booking and Joseph Conners thinking he is Bryan Danielson in 2006. Obviously with all of the big stars on the card and the hot crowd this felt like a major show, but this was perhaps the weakest of all of the “big” WCPW shows.



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