WCPW Loaded Episode 9 Review

This was originally posted over at Kayfabe Today

Air Date: 17/9/16

WCPW has been getting a lot of hate in a lot of circles since they started, some of it deserved and some less so. There is still an issue with the booking in certain places, but the commentary and production which a lot of people were complaining about originally has increased tenfold. It’s not the best and most consistent promotion in Britain right now, but in recent weeks the shows have been pretty easy to watch and provide at least a little entertainment.

This show opens with highlights of Joseph Conners, the current WCPW champion, attacking Joe Hendry. Conners and Hendry used to be tag team partners but Hendry was always upstaging Conners, which eventually led to Conners turning on Hendry during a fatal four way match for the title last month.

After that Martin Kirby is backstage meeting WCPW General Manager and special guest General Manager Eric Bischoff, Kirby has been a very entertaining comedy wrestler since he started in WCPW but had an incredible showing against Will Ospreay a few weeks back that made him a superstar. Kirby wants a title match, but instead Bischoff makes a five way match with Kirby against Ospreay, Travis Banks, Pete Dunne, and Marty Scurll.

Travis Banks vs. Pete Dunne vs. Marty Scurll vs. Will Ospreay vs. Martin Kirby

Other than Kirby, all of these guys are fairly new to the promotion and haven’t really done anything noteworthy. Banks and Kirby have been feuding a little the last two weeks, Ospreay and Scurll just had a singles match at Stacked, and Pete just lost a threeway match in his debut against El Ligero and EC3 at the same show.

This match was a great multiman carcrash match, reminiscent of some of the old TNA X-Division matches. I am not a huge fan of Dunne taking the pin here again since I think he has a lot of upside, but Kirby getting the big win and finally hitting the Sable Bomb he’s teased in every match is a good enough reason. Martin Kirby pins Pete Dunne with the Sable Bomb *** ¾

Bea Priestly cuts a promo backstage with Alex Windsor. Priestly has been feuding with Nixon Newell over the newly created WCPW Women’s Championship and have a hell of a series of matches. This was a short little promo to set up a tag match later.

Moose vs. Drew Galloway

Both of these men haven’t had any real storylines in this promotion yet, Moose beat Joe Coffey at Stacked and Galloway beat Doug Williams. As such there’s no real storyline to this match.

These two men had an absolutely incredible back and forth affair. Galloway normally has his best matches against guys smaller than him, but here he got to play the underdog and did phenomenal and made Moose like an unstoppable force. The only real complaint I can have is that the finish came completely out of nowhere, but sometimes flash finishes can work very well. Drew Galloway pins Moose with the Futureshock DDT *** ¾

Will Ospreay is interviewed on his way out of the arena, he is asked if he is going to come back and Will cuts a nice little promo about coming back in November and wanting a rematch with Martin Kirby. There first match was incredible so I personally can’t wait.

Bea Priestly and Alex Windsor vs. Nixon Newell and Little Miss Roxxy

Bea Priestly and Nixon Newell had a very good Last Woman Standing match for the WCPW title at Stacked which Newell won. Windsor and Roxxy are making their debut here and adding to the very shallow women’s division.

This was a good way to debut the two new women, Roxxy is a fun high flyer and Windsor showed a great aggression that will really pair up well with Newell. Alex Windsor submits Little Miss Roxxy ** ½

After the match Priestly and Windsor go after Nixon Newell and Windsor ends the segment standing tall with the championship belt. Windsor/Newell has the potential to be very good and I am excited.

Big Damo (w/Adam Blampied) vs. Rampage Brown (No Holds Barred, Piledriver Allowed)

This is a rematch of the first WCPW world title match and is a match that has been building for a long time now. I will go on record as saying I have hated everything about this angle and how convoluted it is, here’s the condensed version. Adam Blampied is the leader of a stable called BX, while Adam Pacitti has the Pacitti Club, both of these stables basically exist as a t-shirt and that’s it at this point. In the led up to the first major show, Built to Destroy, Blampied and Pacitti both picked a wrestler to represent them in a match for the world title (well Pacitti didn’t, he had Jack the Jobber do it, that’s semantics you shouldn’t worry about). Blampied picked Rampage Brown and Pacitti picked Big Damo. Rampage was attacking everyone with his piledriver so the move was banned in WCPW for safety, however at Built to Destroy it was revealed that Blampied was actually working with Damo all along and double crossed Rampage, who was put out of commission with a piledriver by Damo (nothing ever happened about Damo using the piledriver because WRESTLING~!) and here we are. I’ve ranted about how stupid this angle has been over on my personal blog, which I won’t link to put you can probably find if you care at all, so won’t do that here.

Phew, on to the match. This match suffered for a lot of the same reasons that all WCPW main events fail, things were just too plodding and boring. These guys were just walking around doing things for the sake of doing them, and given all the history between these two men there should have been so much more emotion than there actually was. Like, this is a fucking blood feud but a random match between two guys that aren’t even regulars in your company had more emotion in it. Bleh. Rampage pins Big Damo with the piledriver ** ½

It looks like this is the way to write Damo off of the show, I am very excited to see what Adam Blampied will do next as he is easily one of the best heel managers working today.

Overall: 5.5

The first two matches on this show were great, potential classics, but things quickly fell of off a cliff after that. I still attest there’s a lot to like about this show, but there are still issues that need to be ironed out.


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