WCPW Loaded Episode 8 Review

Air Date: 10/9/16

This is the first show after Stacked and Joseph Conners’ heel turn. The show opens with Joe Hendry cutting a promo on being pissed off about being screwed out of the title and feeling like his career has been a waste. This was a really great serious promo from Hendry, who obviously isn’t known for that kind of stuff.

We head to the ring next with Joseph Conners cutting a promo on Hendry. Conners cuts a fine heel promo, he’s really not a great talker though and it feels like he’s trying too hard to be an asshole heel. He issues an open challenge to defend his title, which is answered by El Ligero.

Joseph Conners (c) vs. El Ligero (WCPW World Championship)

Something I have noticed about Conners is that he tries to make all of his matches into these big epics when they don’t need to be. This is the perfect example of that, these guys have next to no story coming into this match so it doesn’t need to be some grand match, but instead just a solid TV match. This was a decent match, with some shenanigans, regardless but it just didn’t feel right for a first random title defence. Conners pins Ligero with the Righteous Kill DDT ***

Prince Ameen and Gabriel Kidd are backstage talking about the Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble later tonight, with the winner getting a match against Angle. We find out that Ameen isn’t actually in the match but Kurt has asked Kidd specifically to be in it. We also get promos from Moose, Pete Dunne, El Ligero, Drew Galloway, Travis Banks, and The Primate.

James R Kennedy is out to the ring next, he says that Prospect are suspended from WCPW and introduces his new tag team Los Perspectiva, who are just Prospect in lucha masks. This is a little silly but fine as an undercard act I guess.

Los Perspectiva (Lucha Archer and El Drako w/James R Kennedy) vs. Prince Ameen and Gabriel Kidd

Boring, basic match until Kennedy gets on the mic and asks Ameen to get Kidd to lay down and take the loss. Kidd refuses until Ameen tells him that if he refuses that he will be fired from WCPW, at which point Kidd accepts. Why Ameen is so desperate to lose the match I don’t fully understand, but at least this ended. Archer pins Kidd DUD

We get some more promos for the Rumble, this time from EC3, Joe Hendry, Joe Coffey, Doug Williams, and Marty Scurll.

Adam Pacitti comes down to introduce the Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble and runs down the rules, which is standard Royal Rumble rules with pinfalls and submissions also allowed.

Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble

There were some interesting moments in this, such as the short alliance between Pete Dunne and Doug Williams which is something I never knew I wanted in my life until this moment, but this was a pretty standard boring battle royale. The lack of any real storyline thread, except perhaps El Ligero going the distance but even that wasn’t really pushed by commentary, made this feel like just a bunch of guys doing things. From a pure booking point of view, having two guys eliminated by people not in the match is overkill and dilutes the match.

Hendry going on to face Kurt Angle is not a match I am interested in seeing, there are two or three other options I would have really enjoyed, but he is clearly being positioned as the top face of the company right now so it makes sense to have him in the match. Hendry wins by eliminating EC3 ** ½

Order of entry: Martin Kirby, El Ligero, Travis Banks, Marty Scurll, Drew Galloway, Gabriel Kidd, Prince Ameen, Joe Coffey, Pete Dunne, Doug Williams, Joe Hendry, Rampage Brown, Moose, Big Damo, EC3, Liam Slater, and The Primate

Overall: 5.0

This show was all about the Rumble which was built well, even if the Rumble itself didn’t really deliver.


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