WCPW Loaded Episode 13 Review

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Air Date: 22/10/16

WCPW’s luck continued this week, with the Loaded stream crashing after a little while due to server issues, forcing them to uploading the individual matches earlier than expected. This week starts with Adam Pacitti coming out and explaining why he screwed Kirby out of the title. He says he did it because everyone on the roster thought he was a weak general manager and he wanted to prove a point, he continues his shitty oblivious heel act and announces that Cody Rhodes will challenge Conners for the title next week. Kirby finally comes out and chases out Pacitti. Kirby cuts a pretty good promo vowing revenge, until getting attacked from behind by Big Damo. Damo announces that Pacitti has brought him back, and puts out a challenge to anyone in the back which is answered by one Joe Coffey.

Big Damo vs. Joe Coffey

This was a totally uninspired big man match, I really felt like both men were just going through the motions and barely trying. This was like a low level TV match, which is a shame considering these are two guys that can work well. The finish came after some botched distractions from Martin Kirby. Coffey pins Damo with the Black Coffey ** ½

Tyler Bate vs. Liam Slater

These two men will probably meet in the tag title tournament, but are in singles action here. This was a pretty good technical match, everyone knows just how great Bate is but Slater is a guy that hasn’t done much for me until this match where he really kept his own with Tyler. Simple, fun, exhibition style match, it’s just a shame it didn’t quite get as over with the crowd as it maybe could have. Tyler Bate pins Liam Slater with a Bridging Rollup *** ¼

Prospect (Alex Gracie and Lucas Archer w/James R. Kennedy) vs. Los Perspectiva (El Drako and El Hijo De Gracie)(Adam Pacitti Tag Team Tournament First Round)

This was a total comedy match, with Gracie going back and forth between his two personas backstage. The issue is of course that this just went on far too long and the gimmick got old very quickly. Not to mention, why wouldn’t someone from Los Perspectiva just lie down and even bother having the match? Lucas Archer pins Gracie DUD

Kimber Lee is backstage and attacks a woman who is supposedly good friends with Nixon Newell.

Trent Seven vs. Johnny Moss

This is the counter to the Bate/Slater match from earlier in the night. On paper, this is a match that could be really special as Trent is a great singles guy. And oh boy did it deliver. These two had a straight up fight with chops and suplexes galore, this wouldn’t feel out of place in Big Japan’s Strong division. Seven came out of this looking like a million dollars going toe to toe with the monstrous Moss, even making him bleed. Speaking of which, Moss’ reaction to seeing his own blood and then becoming far more aggressive and intense was a really great little touch. Watch the hell out of this match. Johnny Moss pins Trent Seven *** ¾

Backstage James R Kennedy is eulogising Adam Blampied and promises to get revenge on Rampage with the help of Prospect. He challenges Rampage to an elimination 4-on-4 match, which would be interesting if it didn’t include Prospect. Although it isn’t made clear who the fourth man will be for Team Kennedy as there are only three members of Prospect.

Pete Dunne vs. Joe Hendry

The early portions of this match were a little bit shaky, with Dunne’s style of grinding down his opponent seemingly not gelling well with Hendry’s selling. But after things developed into more of a back and forth match it was fairly good, but nothing really worth shouting about. Just a solid professional wrestling match. I am disappointed that Pete is basically a glorified jobber in WCPW and that the crowds aren’t really taking to him because he is really damn good and has a lot to offer, but at this point I’ve made my peace with it and Hendry needed this win after losing to Angle. Hendry pins Dunne ***

After the match Joe Hendry gets on the mic and calls out Joseph Conners, but Cody Rhodes comes out instead. Cody puts over Hendry and Martin Kirby but makes it clear that he is next in line for the title, this brings out Conners. Conners runs down the two challengers until a brawl ensues, with Cody Rhodes standing tall because obviously.

Overall: 6.0

This was actually a very good show and exactly what we needed to see last week. Other than the Prospect stuff, everything was at least good and easy to watch with Seven/Moss being head and shoulders above everything else on the show.


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