WCPW Loaded Episode 12 Review

This was originally posted over at Kayfabe Today

Air Date: 15/10/16

This is the first episode of Loaded since Refuse to Lose, which was alright from a wrestling point of view but a complete disaster due to major iPPV issues. What’s worse is that WCPW didn’t offer refunds or anything to people that bought the show and couldn’t actually see anything.

Anyway, this week’s show stars with Adam Pacitti saying Refuse to Lose went down “without a hitch” which is hilarious. He also announces the start of a tag tournament to crown the first ever tag champions and will be at ringside next week to address the events of Refuse to Lose. He was playing an oblivious heel and was alright at it I guess.

Prince Ameen and Gabriel Kidd vs. Los Perspectiva (Lucha Archer and El Hijo de Gracie w/El Drako and James R Kennedy) vs. Liam Slater and Johnny Moss

This was a total nothing match with all of the uninteresting teams on the roster. Seriously, this was like something you would see in the middle of an episode of RAW. To borrow a phrase, this was a two star special. Gracie pins Prince Ameen **

After that we get the entirety of the Bret Hart segment from Refuse to Lose, including the introduction of the tag titles. This segment wasn’t all that great live and isn’t at all worth watching again.

Some actual new content next with Joe Coffey talking backstage about his loss to Minoru Suzuki at Refuse to Lose. This was a good little promo with him talking about having to re-evaluate and become more dangerous.

The Primate vs. Leon Mercer, Stan Kellet, Connor, and Joe Biggs

Simon Miller brings out these four guys who are trainees, I am not 100% on the names but that’s the best I could do. This was the complete squash match you would expect, Primate is always good at showing a lot of intensity in situations like this and this was no different. I have no idea where they are going with this guy, although I think the obvious direction is a match with Simon Miller which just sounds gross and I actually like Miller. Primate wins NR

Prospect are backstage with James R Kennedy. We learn that Prospect have been reinstated to the company, and that they are in the tag title tournament with their first match being against Los Perspectiva. Eh.

After that we get the entirety of the Internet championship match from Refuse to Lose, which I am not going to review here again but I respect that they are keeping their word to air every Internet title match for free.

Big Damo confronts Adam Pacitti backstage and asks for another chance. They agree to some kind of a deal but we don’t get to hear what, if I were to guess it’s a match against Martin Kirby.

Overall: 4.0

What a bad way to follow up from Refuse to Lose. This entire show had maybe half an hour of new content and was all a waste of time, nothing at all from the iPPV was addressed. I thought with a show not being put out last week that this week would have a lot of follow up or at least something worthwhile, but I guess I was wrong.


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