WCPW Loaded Episode 11 Review

This was originally posted over at Kayfabe Today

Air Date: 1/10/16

This week’s show, which is the last before the Refuse to Lose iPPV, starts with Drew Galloway cutting a promo on Joseph Conners. This title match feels completely thrown together mostly because that’s exactly what it is, but it should be good.

Nixon Newell (c) vs. Alex Windsor vs. Katarina Leigh (WCPW Women’s Championship)

It’s wacky stuff like this that makes me appreciate WCPW, Katarina is of course the former Winter and Katie Lea Burchill who I am a big fan of and who kind of fell off the face of the map after leaving TNA. This was a pretty solid match but fell into all of the spotty, in-and-out, tropes of triple threat matches. I also think it was hurt in not quite getting the time it deserved to really get the crowd into it, as it is the finish sort of came out of nowhere. Newell pins Alex Windsor ** ¾

Travis Banks is in Adam Pacitti’s office, he is pissed off that he beat El Ligero last week and he gets the Internet title shot instead of Travis. Banks wants in on the match, and Adam gives in. This video package was actually released on YouTube earlier this week and I said on Twitter that it felt to me like someone involved in the match, who has also been cancelling other booking and recently left a high paying job, was upset about having to lose which led to this change and I stand by that assessment today.

After that Gabriel Kidd is backstage cutting a pretty good sympathetic promo about being Ameen’s man servant before Prince Ameen drags him away.

Johnny Moss and Liam Slater vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) vs. Los Perspectiva (Lucha Archer and El Hijo de Gracie w/El Drako and James R Kennedy)

Los Perspectiva is of course Prospect pretending to be luchadors, a gimmick that debuted on episode 8 after they were thrown out of the building. The obvious question being how this gimmick is running simultaneous to the vignettes of Prospect trying and failing to get into the building? It’s obvious the people in creative had two ideas on what to do with these guys and just decided to run them both even if they don’t make sense. Bullshit like this is what really hurts this company and makes it look bush league. This was a fun spotfest tag match regardless, Moustache Mountain are a great tag team and they and Johnny Moss really held things together. All of the booking bollocks aside, this was a super watchable match. Gracie pins Liam Slater ***

El Patron and El Ligero are being interviewed backstage about their title match coming up before being interrupted by Travis Banks who informs them their title match is now a triple threat. Patron and Banks brawl to end the segment, they tried to sell this as a real crazy pull apart brawl but it didn’t feel at all like that and so the segment just felt silly.

The Primate (w/Suzie Kennedy) vs. Joe Hendry

Primate came out chasing Jack the Jobber, as he has been the last few weeks, and then attacked Simon Miller. Hendry came out to make the save and we get a match. This was a really boring, plodding match that made me more worried about how the Kurt Angle match will go than I have been so far. Joe Hendry pins Primate * ½

Primate attacks the referee and security after the match, this is the kind of brawl that the Patron/Ligero/Banks segment from earlier should have been. After that we get a video package hyping the Adam Blampied/Rampage Brown street fight for Refuse to Lose, which was pretty good for what it was.

Joseph Conners (c) vs. Drew Galloway (WCPW World Championship)

This had a real big fight feel to it, unfortunately the match itself was an uninspired, bloated mess. Things started off with some fine outside brawling, which is the kind of style Galloway really thrives in, but things fell off of a cliff when they got into the ring. Conners is too big for Galloway to throw around and doesn’t have the intensity to have a strong brawl with Drew so we got a weird mix of the two which went almost twenty minutes and killed the crowd dead. I almost want to call this a complete dud. Conners pins Galloway with the Righteous Kill DDT **

Conners gets on the mic after the match and then Martin Kirby comes out and the two brawl to end the show.

Overall: 4.5

Joseph Conners has been thoroughly unimpressive, but passable, in the ring in WCPW but he completely stunk up the main event. I know the clear angle is Hendry eventually getting his revenger on Conners and winning the title, but his strengths don’t lie in the ring either and there’s a part of me that really thinks Martin Kirby should win the title at Refuse to Lose. He is the most over guy on the roster and has been the best in ring, if the character can be tweaked to be a little more serious he is really money. In theory Conners/Hendry should be a grudge match that’s been building since show 1 so doesn’t need the title involved anyway.

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