WCPW Loaded Episode 10 Review + State of WCPW

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Air Date: 24/9/16

The show starts with Rampage Brown laid out backstage by BX and Blampied cutting a promo on him warning him to leave WCPW. The segment ends with Blampied hitting the unconscious with a battery filled sock. We cut to Adam Pacitti telling us that Rampage had his ribs broken in that attack and will be gone for the foreseeable future, this feels like a very lame way to write Rampage out.

Prince Ameen (w/Gabriel Kidd) vs. Joe Coffey

This is the first Prince Ameen match in a little while, and man have I not missed him in the ring. His character work is pretty good, but there is a reason he’s been on the indie scene for like a decade and never really broke out. This was the strong victory Coffey needed heading into his big match with Minoru Suzuki at Refuse to Lose, but it wasn’t all that great to watch. The other big story here is Ameen trying to leave and being tricked to star by Gabriel Kidd. This story hasn’t gone anywhere in weeks and I am not all that upset. Joe Coffey pins Prince Ameen with the Black Coffey ** ½

Drew Galloway meets with Joseph Conners backstage. Galloway runs down Conners and wants a  title match to help put Joseph on the map. Conners brutally attacks Galloway and accepts the match, I am far more excited for this match than I probably should be.

Pete Dunne vs. Martin Kirby

This was a solid match with some goofy spots, which unfortunately the crowd didn’t seem to care at all about. It’s a shame that Dunne has been booked to lose so much in WCPW because he is having such a great year and is so good at grinding down a high flyer. That was the story of this match, Kirby just being assaulted by Dunne and fighting back, and both men played their parts perfectly. Dunne was a great grimy asshole and Kirby was a lot of fun wrestling from underneath. Kirby pins Dunne with a rollup *** ¼

Martin gets on the mic after the match and demands a title match at Refuse to Lose. Adam Pacitti doesn’t come out to answer Kirby, so he starts singing Summer of 69 as we head to commercial. What a bizarre segment.

Prospect are outside the arena and are still not allowed in because they are suspended. Fun little comedy segment.

We go back to the ring and Kirby is still singing. What the fuck am I watching? I am sure this was amazing live but it doesn’t translate at all to tape.

Joe Hendry is interviewed backstage about his upcoming match with Kurt Angle at Refuse to Lose. Hendry cuts a very good serious promo here that really sold me on the match.

Back to the ring, this time we are singing Livin’ on a Prayer. I love Kirby but this really did not work. Adam Pacitti finally comes out and tells Kirby he’s not on the card at all, Pacitti was acting very heelish here. Kirby handcuffs himself to the ring and refuses to move, so we just head to the next match. I applaud these guys for doing something different but I am really not sure about this angle, it feels a little too goofy to me.

Travis Banks vs. El Ligero

This was a fairly basic match used more to facilitate Kirby’s zaniness on the mic, although the last few minutes were quite good. Look, I understand the angle and really believe it would be great live, but it went far too long on tape and was just bizarre. Maybe I am on an island with this and everyone else loved it, but it just didn’t really work for me. Travis Banks pins El Ligero ** ½

Adam Pacitti comes out again and finally concedes a title match for Kirby at Refuse to Lose. I guess the pay off to this whole thing was decent.

Pacitti is in the ring again and tells us that Jay Lethal will not be able to compete at Refuse to Lose for the new Internet championship due to Japanese commitments, which is interesting on its own, but will be replaced by Alberto El Patron. Patron will take on El Ligero for the title. Alberto comes out to a huge pop and cuts the standard “I missed you guys, fuck WWE” promo and both he and the crowd are fired the fuck up. He is interrupted by Big Damo and Adam Blampied. The three men banter back and forth, and Alberto seems to be having a ton of fun and it really rubs off on the segment. Pacitti makes a match between Damo and Alberto with Alberto’s title shot on the line against Damo’s WCPW career.

Alberto El Patron vs. Big Damo (w/Adam Blampied)(Title Shot vs. WCPW Career)

The crowd was hot as hell for this match, and these two men had a solid match that was really elevated because of it. There were some shenanigans by Adam at ringside, but he got his comeuppance via an enzuigiri from Alberto. There was a fair amount of emotion in this match as well, surprisingly fun. Alberto El Patron submits Big Damo with a Cross armbreaker ***

Pacitti comes out and announces that Damo is officially fired, and that Blampied will not be fired but instead face Rampage in a street fight at Refuse to Lose. So I guess Rampage wasn’t written out of the show earlier.

Overall: 6.0

This was a weird show, the Martin Kirby stuff that took up the majority of the show was really bad but the final segment really saved things. I will say this, the card for Refuse to Lose is being built up well and there are several interesting matches on the card.

State of WCPW

So WCPW have had a noteworthy week this week. On top of announcing that Minoru Suzuki will be taking on Joe Coffey at their Manchester show next month, which is potentially the weirdest sentence I’ve ever written in my life, they announced a London show on November 9th. What’s interesting about this is that it will take place the day before RevPro runs their big Global Wars UK show featuring NJPW in an already packed month for wrestling in London which also features Ring of Honor making their return to the UK.

The major concern people have about this issue is obvious, WCPW having a much wealthier parent company allows them to bring in import talent and severely undercard other companies on ticket prices. As of writing they are selling tickets at £15 while the cheapest possible tickets for Global Wars UK are £16.50 and can go all the way up to £55. The argument is that other companies won’t be able to compete with the talent being used at these ticket prices and the message is clear, WCPW want to be the biggest company in the UK and aren’t going to play nice about it.

I, for one, am all for a little competition. The types of crowds that WCPW seem to be trying to draw are very different to the ones that would be interested in going to a RevPro or an RoH. Looking down my Twitter timeline (cheap plug, follow me @AqeelKhalid) almost no-one was interested in going to the WCPW show. And realistically, it would be very surprising if these guys are really around long enough to cause any lasting impact on the UK scene. I think many people are having flashbacks to five to ten years ago when the British Wrestling scene was filled with companies using imports and struggling to draw, but things are strong enough now that someone like WCPW won’t be able to hurt that too much. Hell, PROGRESS is drawing almost two and a half thousand people tomorrow using only domestic talent. WCPW isn’t going to kill Britain, or even London, so enjoy the wackiness before they go bust.



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