WWE Main Event 8/3/16 Review

Air Date: 8/3/16

Tyler Breeze vs. Zack Ryder

It’s insane to think Zack Ryder has become the highlight of these C shows but that’s the world we live in now and it’s great. Ryder is pulling out all of the stops in his matches and they are over delivering big time. These two got a fair amount of time to really showcase what they could do, and Breeze to remind everyone he is actually a fantastic wrestler. Tyler was bumping all over the place and made Ryder look like a monster in the process. Great stuff. Ryder pins Breeze with a diving elbow *** ½

Social Outcasts make their way down to the ring with some more fun banter before the next match.

Ryback vs. Bo Dallas (w/Adam Rose, Heath Slater, and Curtis Axel)

This was very similar to the Heath Slater match from last week, except Bo got in a bit more offence and was destroyed far more for his troubles. Ryback pins Bo Dallas with a Shellshock * ¾

A lot of RAW recaps before we head to our main event, more than usual which I guess is to be expected in Wrestlemania season.

Paige and Natalya vs. Team BAD (Naomi and Tamina)

Good by the numbers tag match here. Paige and Naomi worked hard, Paige especially looked very good at the start of the match. Tamina only had one or two spots in the match which may have been the best use of her as she looked like an absolute monster. Naomi pins Natalya with the Rear View ** ¾

Overall: 4.5

Easy show to get through this week with a fun squash bookended by two exciting matches.


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