Lucha Libre Elite Lucha Azteca 13/5/16 Review

Air Date: 13/5/16

So Elite are now running a mini-tournament to crown their first ever Middleweight Champion, which begs the question what the Liga Elite is now for. Regardless, we get a tag match here with the winning team being entered into a Cibernetico to crown the champion.

Golden Magic and Puma vs. Metaleon and Triton (Elite Middleweight Championship Tournament)

Weird booking aside, this was a pretty good, but often very sloppy, spotfest. I don’t know any of these people, and I don’t think any of them stood out by the end but they did a lot of flips and it was a hoot. Puma pins Metaleon with a Liger Bomb ***

LA Park, El Hijo del LA Park, and Super Parka vs. Los Hell Brothers (Cibernetico, Mephisto, and Sharlie Rockstar)(Lucha Trios)

The first fall here was really built around the animosity between Cibernetico and LA Park. This is the second week in a row where Park has looked really good with his brawling, and Hijo was much better as well. He won the first fall for his team with an awesome top rope Spanish Fly. The next fall was much quicker with Los Hell Brothers dominating and Cibernetico pinning Park. The final fall was again filled with great brawling between Park and Cibernetico, these two are great in the ring together and I need to see them against each other more often. We got some pretty good fast paced action in this fall as well, but make no mistake the interactions between LA Park and Cibernetico were by far the highlight. Hell Brothers win the final fall by disqualification after Park hits Cibernetico with brass knuckles. Los Hell Brothers win 2:1 *** ½

Xtreme Tiger vs. Volador Jr (Liga Elite 2016)

This was exactly the kind of crazy high flying affair you would expect from these two. Tiger has been working super hard in these appearances in Elite and this was no exception, he was bumping all over the place and hit some crazy moves like his legdrop to the outside. The finish came a little bit out of nowhere which hurt this a little, but it was a great sprint regardless and everything you could ask for from a match between these two. Volador Jr pins Xtreme Tiger *** ½

Overall: 6.5

I am really enjoying these Elite shows, and this was another really fun, easy to watch, show.


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