PWG Bowie 2016 Review

Show Date: 12/2/16

This is PWG’s second show of the year, and the second one to be named after a recently deceased celebrity. There are several debuts and returns on this show, so let’s get to it.

Chuck Taylor vs. Dalton Castle

This is Dalton Castle’s PWG debut and it couldn’t have happened on a more apt show. Taylor worked a slight heel here, which is uncommon for him but makes sense against uber babyface Castle. As you would expect, this was largely shenanigans and comedy until a fairly hot closing sequence, however by that point I had lost interest. It is strange that Dalton lost in his debut, which makes me think he might not be around that often or there is an angle planned for Chuck. Taylor pins Castle with a roll up ***

Chris Hero vs. Trent Barreta

Chris Hero started out this match acting very friendly and chumy towards Trent, however the tide quickly turned as he went into his full bully role. Trent sold the beating very well and had some great facials. My only issue with this is that, even for a modern day PWG match, this felt incredibly bloated and could have easily had five minutes cut out. Hero pins Trent with a tombstone *** ¼

Sami Callihan vs. Jack Evans

Before the match Evans gets on the mic and runs down the crowd. Sami takes the mic off of him and in a bizarre exchange promises to “kiss [Jack] right on the mouth.” Proceed to about 10 minutes of bullshit including both men downing pitchers of beer and Jack “throwing up” onto the crowd. Look, I don’t hate Sami as much as a lot of people, but this was an awful match and I put the blame squarely on him. Evans pins Callihan with a roll up ** ½

Adam Cole vs. Andrew Everett

I might be starting to turn on Adam Cole, because a lot of his recent matches have seemed really boring and lacking any substance to me. He does moves for the sake of moves, and not even impressive ones if he wanted to go down that route, and here felt devoid of the charisma we all know he has. A match like this is hurt the most by PWG’s bloated style as it became 15 minutes of hell. Cole pins Everett with a Brainbuster onto his knee **

Zack Sabre Jr vs. Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee really impressed me in this match, he wasn’t the flippy guy we normally see and actually seemed to stand hold for hold with Zack. Lee worked this almost like Chris Hero at times with his bullying antics, and it often really nailed the epic feel that PWG is always trying for. Sabre lacked some aggression at times, which is a problem in some of his matches which make it feel like more of an exhibition than a wrestling match, but at times he really brought it and this was a great little match because of it. A strong win for Zack ahead of his future title match with Roderick Strong. Sabre submits Trevor Lee *** ¾

Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Evil Uno

This is the return of the former Player Uno to PWG with his new heel character. I really liked the new aggression he has brought with this character change, and he almost felt like Marty Scurll with some of his cartoonish heel antics which I liked. This was a very good, hard hitting match with a really great sense of escalation to the point that I was on my feet for the finish. Speedball is always great at wrestling from underneath and this was no different, even if some of his strikes didn’t land very well. Another weird finish with having the new star lose, but I assume Speedball has bigger things coming in his future for sure. Speedball pins Uno with a Roundhouse kick ****

Roderick Strong (c) vs. Drew Galloway (PWG World Championship)

Before the match can start Strong gets on the mic and demands that Rick Knox not referee this match. These two men had a lot of really great wars in EVOLVE last year, and this started out reminiscent of those with some great brawling inside and outside of the ring. Unfortunately, things very quickly fizzled out and this sort of became just a match. Strong pins Galloway with the End of Heartache *** ¼

After the match Adam Cole comes out to congratulate Strong and they both beat on Drew. Zack eventually comes out to make the save and chases off the heels. Strong challenges Zack to a title match at All Star Weekend, which Zack obviously accepts. So that title match is finally happening then.

Overall: 6.0

Not a great undercard, and the main event was a bit of a dud, but there were one or two really fun matches on this card. PWG seems to be losing a little bit of steam this year and I am not entirely sure why.


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